Solar Eclipse FAQs

What you need to know about the upcoming solar eclipses

A: Solar eclipse glasses are special eyewear designed to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun during a solar eclipse. They are much more powerful than regular sunglasses and should be ISO certified to ensure the highest level of protection.

During a solar eclipse, harmful rays of the sun can cause serious damage to your eyes if you look directly at the sun. Solar eclipse glasses filter out these harmful rays, allowing you to safely observe the eclipse.

No, regular sunglasses, even if they are very dark, are not safe for viewing a solar eclipse. They do not block enough of the sun's harmful rays.

While some welding shades can offer protection, we don't recommend them for viewing a solar eclipse. Only ISO certified solar eclipse glasses should be used to ensure maximum protection.

Your solar eclipse glasses should be certified to meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. The certification information should be printed on the glasses.

If your glasses are not damaged or scratched, and if they meet the current ISO 12312-2 safety standard, you may be able to reuse them.

Solar Eclipse FAQ

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the Earth and the sun, temporarily blocking the sun's light. This can only happen during a new moon phase when the sun and moon are in conjunction as seen from Earth.

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Solar eclipses happen somewhere on Earth about every 18 months. However, total solar eclipses in any given location are rare, happening about once every 375 years.

It's only safe to look directly at a solar eclipse during the brief period of totality, when the moon completely covers the sun. This can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. At all other times, and in locations where totality is not reached, you must use proper solar filters such as eclipse glasses to safely view the eclipse.

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Yes, you may use the Solar Photo App or take photos using a regular of a solar eclipse, but you must use proper solar filters on your camera to avoid damaging it. Never look at the sun through an unfiltered camera, telescope, binoculars, or other optical device.

Solar Snap App, Take Photos of Solar Eclipse

Eclipse Safety FAQ

Even when the sun appears small or partially obscured during an eclipse, it can still emit harmful ultraviolet and infrared light that can damage the eyes. This is why proper protection, like solar eclipse glasses, is necessary.

No, making your own solar eclipse glasses at home is not safe and is not advised. Proper solar eclipse glasses must meet specific safety standards and require special materials that cannot be substituted with homemade alternatives.

Yes, children can use solar eclipse glasses, but adult supervision is necessary to ensure they use the glasses properly. Never let children look at the sun without proper eye protection.

Yes, solar eclipse glasses can be worn over your regular prescription glasses.

Why Order Sooner FAQ

Demand for solar eclipse glasses can spike just before an eclipse, potentially leading to shortages. Ordering early ensures you have the proper eyewear in time for the event.

Without proper eye protection, it's not safe to watch a solar eclipse directly. If you don't have solar eclipse glasses, consider watching a live stream or broadcast of the event instead.

Some public libraries, science centers, or astronomy clubs may have glasses available. However, it's best not to rely on last-minute availability due to high demand.

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