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How to Claim & Use Your Discount code


Copy “SUNGAZE” or write it down somewhere.


Head over to and find glasses you like.


While at the Checkout Page, enter the discount code “SUNGAZE” before your purchase.

2024 eclipse glasses discount code


Double check if discount was applied, hit purchase, and wait for your eclipse glasses to arrive! Have fun!

Eclipse Glasses: Your Ticket to Cosmic Wonders

Ever wondered what it’s like to gaze at an eclipse without frying your eyeballs? Now’s your chance! Let’s talk about why , our American Astronomical Society certified supplier, is your go-to for this astronomical event. And hey, who doesn’t love a good discount? You’ve landed on a golden opportunity: a 10% Eclipse Glasses Discount Code just for you!

Is there a limit on how many I can buy?

Nope, sky’s the limit! Stock up for your family, friends, or favorite neighbors!

Does Rainbow Symphony offer a discount code for their eclipse glasses?

Unfortunately, no. Rainbow Symphony, known for their quality eclipse glasses, doesn’t currently offer any discount codes. But don’t let that dim your star-gazing plans! There’s a bright side to this – does!

Don't Miss the Cosmic Party – The Clock's Ticking!

This isn’t your everyday sale. It’s a celestial event special! Think of it as your VIP pass to the universe’s most exclusive show. But remember, just like a shooting star, this deal won’t last forever. The countdown has begun!

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