Plastic Eclipse Glasses: High-Definition & Reusable!

scratch-resistant plastic solar eclipse glasses

The Star Product: The Plastic Eclipse Glasses!

The Plastic Eclipse Glasses, our bestselling item, is back and ready to accompany you on your stellar adventures! These plastic solar eclipse glasses not only make a style statement but also ensure you’re watching the skies in the safest way possible. Buy Now!

CE & ISO-Certified Plastic Eclipse Glasses

The Plastic Eclipse Glasses aren’t just a pretty face and are more high definition than our standard solar eclipse glasses. These eclipse glasses are independently tested and ISO and CE certified, assuring you that they are perfectly safe for direct solar viewing.

Scratch Resistant and Highly Durable

Our glasses are built to last! Crafted exclusively from a scratch-resistant polymer material (black/silver), they boast an impressive optical density of 5 or greater.

Optimum UV, Infrared, and Visible Light Filtration

These glasses provide superior protection, filtering out 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays and 100% of harmful infrared. Plus, they shield your eyes from 99.999% of intense visible light.

Stunning Solar Images with a Natural Orange Color

Experience the beauty of the cosmos like never before! Our premium plastic eclipse glasses filters offer the sharpest solar images coupled with an amazing and natural orange color.


Each pair of Plastic Eclipser® HD glasses is conveniently bagged in a soft case and arrives in a retail-ready box. Stock up now while supplies last! As an added bonus, these star-gazing essentials are proudly MADE IN THE USA! Buy Now!
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