Retail Solar Eclipse Glasses Box of 50 (Free Display Box)

Eclipse Retail Box (50 Glasses)


Exclusive Eclipse Glasses in a 50-Count Retail Display Box!

Experience the celestial phenomena like never before with our premium Eclipse Glasses, now conveniently available in a special 50-pack eclipse glasses with a retail display box! Manufactured exclusively with robust 2 mil scratch-resistant polymer (black/silver) lenses, these glasses provide an unrivaled level of protection. They effectively filter out 100% of harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays and a staggering 99.999% of intense visible light. Sporting an optical density of 5 or more, these glasses promise a safe viewing experience of all phases of the eclipse.

Best Price on Solar Eclipse Glasses ISO 12312-2 (50 count)

Our 50-pack premium ISO and CE-certified solar eclipse glasses (ISO 12312-2 compliance and CE certification), our glasses have been independently tested and vetted for safety. We are proud to assert that our Eclipse Glasses are MADE IN THE USA!

Spectacular Sales & Premiums: The “Patriotic” Eclipse Glasses

Showcasing our all-new pop-up display box, these stock “patriotic” eclipse glasses are an ideal choice for sales and premiums at a range of venues. They’re perfect for schools, planetariums, science centers, and other retailers looking for a mix of educational and engaging products. Our 50-count box contains individually wrapped and folded Patriotic Eclipse Glasses, making it easy to handle and distribute. Recognized as our most popular stock glasses to date, they promise an unparalleled eclipse viewing experience.

Suggested Retail Price: Unbeatable Value for Quality

Given the premium quality and the unique viewing experience our Eclipse Glasses offer, we suggest a retail price of around $5 each. This pricing provides an excellent balance between affordability for your customers and profitability for your business. The protective features, the convenience of the retail display box, and the captivating design of our “patriotic” theme all contribute to making these glasses a high-value product. At a suggested retail price of $10, each 50-count box could generate approximately $500 in sales – an attractive return for a product that not only inspires curiosity and awe in its users but also ensures their safety. Capitalize on the anticipated demand for these MADE IN THE USA glasses by stocking up in advance of the next major celestial event. Experience the blend of commerce and cosmic wonder with our Eclipse Glasses!
QuantityNumber of GlassesPrice
1 box50 Glasses$0.95 per glass
5 boxes250 Glasses$0.90 per glass
20 boxes1,000 Glasses$0.85 per glass

Don’t need 25 glasses? You may buy individually here.


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