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2024 Eclipse Begins:

Where to Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses in Ohio?

Planning to view the 2024 solar eclipse in Ohio? Find out where to buy certified, safe, and durable solar eclipse glasses in Ohio and experience the cosmic event safely!
Kids using solar eclipse glasses to watch the eclipse
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    Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses in Ohio

    Viewing a solar eclipse is a memorable event. However, to ensure you witness the total solar eclipse safely, you’ll need high-quality solar eclipse glasses. If you’re in Ohio and wondering where to buy solar eclipse glasses, you’re in the right place. This post will guide you on how to purchase these specialized glasses in the Buckeye State. (Or skip and browse and buy today!)

    NASA Total Solar Eclipse North America 2024 Map

    Do You Have the Right Glasses?

    When preparing for a total solar eclipse, remember that standard sunglasses can’t shield your eyes from the intense rays that occur during this solar event. Instead, opt for ISO and CE-certified eclipse glasses. Our recommended brand, American Paper Optics, offers a wide range of solar eclipse glasses that are both reliable and safe. This includes favorites such as the Canadian Eclipse Glasses, the Gafas Españolas Eclipsers™, and the Patriotic Eagle Solar Eclipse Glasses.

    Safety Instructions on Eclipse Glasses (What to Look for on the Back)

    Eclipse glasses should have essential safety instructions printed directly inside the frame. These reminders ensure you’re safeguarding your eyes during all phases of the eclipse. So, before you completely block out the world to view the total eclipse, ensure you’re wearing approved eyewear!

    approved and certified solar eclipse glasses info

    Reliable and Approved: Test Results and Documentation

    For peace of mind, all our eclipse glasses are thoroughly tested and approved. You can verify this by reviewing our certifications and documentation below:

    By accessing these resources, you can trust that our solar eclipse glasses meet the highest quality and safety standards.

    Beware of Counterfeit Eclipse Glasses

    With the 2024 solar eclipse in Ohio approaching, counterfeit eclipse glasses might flood the market. Here’s how you can spot them:

    1. Lack of Certification: Genuine eclipse glasses have ISO and CE certifications. If these markings are absent, beware!
    2. Poor Construction: Flimsy frames, poor-quality lenses, or uneven tinting are signs of subpar glasses.
    3. Price Discrepancies: If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is!
    4. Suspicious Sellers: Buy from known sellers that specialize in solar viewing products.

    Remember, when viewing the path of totality during the solar eclipse, eye safety should be paramount.

    Buying in Bulk: Reselling Solar Eclipse Glasses

    Considering the high demand for solar eclipse glasses in Ohio (an estimated 75 million people are expected to attend the eclipse event), reselling can be a profitable venture. For instance, if you buy 1000 units of our Plain White Eclipse Glasses at $0.45 each and resell each pair at $9.95, your initial investment of $450 could turn into a profit of $9,500! Contact us today to order bulk orders!

    Ohio Eclipse FAQs

    Here are the top questions we get about the eclipse in Ohio:

    Q: What are the best solar eclipse glasses to buy in Ohio?

    A: We recommend glasses from American Paper Optics such as the Cosmic Groove Eclipse Glasses, Wacky Eclipse Glasses, and the North American Solar Eclipse Glasses. Please note: All our glasses are from American Paper Optics .

    Q: Where can I buy solar eclipse glasses in Ohio?

    A: You can purchase these glasses from our website or at authorized retailers throughout Ohio.

    Q: How do I ensure that my glasses are safe?

    A: Check that your glasses are ISO 12312-2 certified and that they’re scratch resistant. Also, confirm that they completely block out intense visible light. Read more about eclipse safety here.

    Q: What’s the date of the total solar eclipse in Ohio?

    A: The total solar eclipse in Ohio is expected on April 8, 2024.

    Q: What’s the difference between eclipse glasses and a solar viewer?

    A: Both are designed to protect your eyes. However, a solar viewer is usually a handheld device, while eclipse glasses are worn.

    Takeaway: Always Be Safe

    The solar eclipse is a captivating natural phenomenon. However, your safety should always come first. Use certified solar eclipse glasses and follow the safety guidelines provided to avoid damaging your eyes. Happy viewing!

    So, as you gear up for the 2024 total solar eclipse in Ohio, remember to buy your solar eclipse glasses early while supplies last. And remember, you’re not just buying glasses – you’re buying a safe, memorable experience of a breathtaking cosmic event.

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