When is the Solar Eclipse 2024 in America?

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    A Captivating Cosmic Event: The 2024 Solar Eclipse in America

    Greetings, celestial enthusiasts! A spellbinding astronomical phenomenon is fast approaching that will have every stargazer’s heart aflutter—the total solar eclipse of 2024. This fascinating event will provide a breathtaking spectacle for skywatchers across the nation.

    Are you ready to gaze into the starry abyss and experience this extraordinary cosmic display? Strap in, folks, and let’s delve into the crucial information you need, including when the solar eclipse will occur in America and a list of 20 cities with their respective times of totality. Don’t forget—safety first with specialized solar eclipse glasses!

    What is a Total Solar Eclipse?

    A brief overview for those who are just joining this cosmic caravan: a total solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves precisely in between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on the Earth and fully obscuring the Sun for a brief, magical moment. Witnessing the moon steal the show is, without a doubt, an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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    The 2024 Solar Eclipse: When Is It Happening in America?

    The big, astronomical fiesta you need to mark on your calendar is on April 8, 2024. This dazzling total solar eclipse will grace the skies, leaving spectators from various cities across North America awed by the beauty of this cosmic miracle.

    Don’t miss out on this marvelous opportunity! Discover the times of totality for 20 American cities in the table below:

    Table of 20 Cities and Their Time of Totality for the 2024 Solar Eclipse

    No.CityStateStart of Total EclipseDuration of Totality
    1DallasTX1:34 PM CDT4 Minutes, 23 Seconds
    2Oklahoma CityOK1:28 PM CDT4 Minutes, 15 Seconds
    3Little RockAR1:44 PM CDT3 Minutes, 37 Seconds
    4St. LouisMO1:54 PM CDT2 Minutes, 41 Seconds
    5IndianapolisIN3:06 PM EDT3 Minutes, 16 Seconds
    6LouisvilleKY3:02 PM EDT3 Minutes, 32 Seconds
    7ClevelandOH3:14 PM EDT3 Minutes, 20 Seconds
    8RochesterNY3:22 PM EDT3 Minutes, 25 Seconds
    9BurlingtonVT3:23 PM EDT2 Minutes, 6 Seconds
    10PortlandME3:31 PM EDT1 Minute, 33 Seconds
    11San AntonioTX1:38 PM CDT4 Minutes, 10 Seconds
    12Fort WorthTX1:35 PM CDT4 Minutes, 19 Seconds
    13MazatlánMexico1:06 PM MST4 Minutes, 33 Seconds
    14AustinTX1:37 PM CDT3 Minutes, 54 Seconds
    15SpringfieldIL1:57 PM CDT4 Minutes, 12 Seconds
    16ToledoOH3:13 PM EDT3 Minutes, 40 Seconds
    17SyracuseNY3:21 PM EDT3 Minutes, 6 Seconds
    18MonterreyMexico1:21 PM CDT4 Minutes, 4 Seconds
    19BuffaloNY3:17 PM EDT3 Minutes, 51 Seconds
    20HamiltonCanada3:20 PM EDT2 Minutes, 54 Seconds

    Please note that the times mentioned in the table are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the exact location within each city.

    NASA Total Solar Eclipse North America 2024 Map

    Don’t Forget Your Specialized Solar Eclipse Glasses!

    The total solar eclipse is a wondrous sight to behold, but safety must never take a backseat. Remember that you should NEVER gaze directly at the eclipsed sun without proper eye protection. Always use specialized solar eclipse glasses that meet international safety standards. These glasses are designed to shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Regrettably, regular sunglasses won’t offer the necessary protection.

    Ready to revel in the glory of this cosmic spectacle? Block April 8, 2024, on your calendar, gear up with your solar eclipse glasses, and gather your friends and family for a stellar experience that’s truly out of this world!

    Stay enchanted, fellow sky-gazers, and let’s continue to unlock the secrets of the cosmos together!

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