When is the Next Solar Eclipse in Pennsylvania?

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    Next Solar Eclipse in Pennsylvania

    The forthcoming Pennsylvania total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, manifests a captivating phenomenon that is anticipated with much eagerness across many regions, including certain areas of Pennsylvania. Among these, Erie and Pittsburgh are noteworthy for their unique positions relative to the eclipse’s path.

    Erie Eclipse 2024

    Erie, situated in the northwestern part of Pennsylvania, holds a significant position as it lies directly in the path of totality for the 2024 eclipse. The eclipse is expected to reach totality in Erie just after 3:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), with individuals in the downtown area being privy to approximately 3 minutes and 42 seconds of totality​​. This occurrence is indeed rare, with the next total solar eclipse not expected to grace Erie until the year 2144​.

    Erie is distinguished as the largest city along the eclipse path in Pennsylvania, and the only city of significant population in the state to be in the path of totality, thus making it a prime location for viewing the eclipse in its full glory​​. The city stands as a lone entity in Pennsylvania in this regard, offering a nearly four-minute spectacle of the afternoon sky transitioning into darkness as the moon veils the sun​.

    For residents of Pittsburgh or those in its vicinity, a roughly two-hour journey north to Erie could place them in a vantage point for a total solar eclipse experience​.

    Erie Eclipse 2024 Timeline

    Here’s an easy-to-follow schedule for the 2024 Erie Eclipse on April 8:

    Start Of The Eclipse:

    • Time: 2:02 PM
    • What’s Happening: First Contact (The moon starts covering the sun)
    • Safety Tip: Wear Eclipse Glasses or use a Solar Filter to watch
    • Wait for Next Part: 1 hour 14 minutes

    Total Eclipse Time:

    • Time: 3:16 PM
    • What’s Happening: Totality Begins (The moon fully covers the sun)
    • Safety Tip: It’s safe to look without glasses or filter for a bit
    • How Long it Lasts: 3 minutes 41.8 seconds

    Back To Partial Eclipse:

    • Time: 3:20 PM
    • What’s Happening: Totality Ends (The sun starts showing again)
    • Safety Tip: Put those Eclipse Glasses or Solar Filter back on
    • Wait for Next Part: 1 hour 10 minutes

    End Of The Eclipse:

    • Time: 4:30 PM
    • What’s Happening: Last Contact (The moon moves away completely)
    • Safety Tip: Keep the glasses or filter on until the sun is fully visible
    • Event Ends: The eclipse is over and the realization of what you just witnessed sets in.

    This timeline helps you know when to watch and how to do it safely during the Erie Eclipse 2024. Make sure to have your eclipse glasses ready and enjoy the sky show!

    Pittsburgh Eclipse 2024

    On the other hand, Pittsburgh, nestled in the southwestern part of Pennsylvania, will not experience the eclipse in totality. The city does fall under the broader stretch where the eclipse will be visible, however, it lies outside the narrow band designated as the path of totality which extends from Texas to Maine​​. Hence, while the eclipse will be observable, the extent of the eclipse’s coverage will be partial as opposed to total.

    The eclipse in Pittsburgh is nonetheless part of the broader occurrence on April 8, 2024, which encompasses various regions across the United States​. A detailed depiction of what the eclipse approximately looks like in Pittsburgh, along with the stages and times of the eclipse, can be found on specialized platforms dedicated to providing such information​​.

    Philadelphia Eclipse 2024

    For people living in Philadelphia, the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, will be a bit different compared to those who are in places where the eclipse will be total. Even though this event is called a total solar eclipse, folks in Philadelphia will see a partial solar eclipse instead. T

    his difference is important because it shows that only part of the Sun will be covered by the Moon from this city’s view. On that day, it’s expected that the Moon will cover about 90% of the Sun for those watching from the greater Philadelphia area, leaving only a small curve of the Sun peeking out. Even with most of the Sun covered, there will still be some light in the sky over Philadelphia, creating a special glow across the city.

    Erie Total Eclipse VS Pittsburgh Partial Eclipse

    The distinction between Erie’s total eclipse and the partial eclipse in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in terms of the total solar eclipse’s visibility underscores the significance of geographical location in the observation of such celestial events.

    Partial Eclipse vs Total Solar Eclipse

    Erie’s unique positioning along the path of totality renders it a focal point for enthusiasts and researchers alike, while Pittsburgh’s location affords a partial glimpse of the eclipse, which, albeit not in totality, remains a spectacle in its own right.

    The 2024 eclipse thereby not only offers a mesmerizing display of cosmic interplay but also accentuates the vast and intricate tapestry of experiences that different regions, even within the same state, may encounter during such grand celestial occurrences.

    Why You Should Experience the Total Eclipse

    The allure of a total solar eclipse is an invitation to witness a rare celestial ballet, a fleeting alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth that leaves a lasting imprint on the canvas of the sky and in the hearts of those who behold it. The total solar eclipse slated for April 8, 2024, promises such a spectacle, with a path of totality that meanders through various regions, offering a front-row seat to the grandeur of the cosmos.

    We at Sungaze Glasses highly recommend seizing this rare opportunity by visiting areas positioned along the path of totality. The complete obscuration of the Sun by the Moon unveils a breathtaking vista, the solar corona—a crown of plasma shimmering in ethereal hues, encircling the silhouette of the Moon. This sight is not only awe-inspiring but evokes a sense of connection to the larger cosmic dance we are all a part of.

    The Distinction is Very Significant

    The distinction between a total and a partial solar eclipse is very significant, with the former offering a fuller, more profound experience of this celestial phenomenon. While partial eclipses, like the one to be observed in Philadelphia, are captivating in their own right, the total eclipse presents an unfiltered view into the ephemeral beauty of our solar system. The temporary twilight during the day, the cooling of the air, and the appearance of stars and planets in the sky create a surreal ambiance that is both humbling and exhilarating.

    Armed with a pair of Sungaze Glasses, you’re not only ensuring a safe viewing experience but also embracing the chance to gaze upon the cosmos in its full splendor. The journey to the path of totality is a pilgrimage to the heart of natural wonder, a chance to stand in the shadow of the Moon as it dances with the Sun and to carry the memory of the sky’s fleeting poetry long after the daylight returns.

    Pennsylvania 2024 total solar eclipse path map

    We highly encourage the adventure to the zones of total eclipse, for it’s not merely about witnessing an eclipse but immersing oneself in a cosmic narrative that is as ancient as time, yet as immediate as the sky above.

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