Akron Solar Eclipse Timing

So, What time is the solar eclipse in Akron? See key timings from partial eclipse start at 1:59 PM to total eclipse peak at 3:15 PM EDT. Learn more.
akron total solar eclipse time
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    As we edge closer to one of the most anticipated celestial events, the total solar eclipse, there’s a growing excitement, especially in Akron, Ohio. This city is set to experience this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon grandly. Let’s delve into the details of when Akron residents can expect to witness this rare event starting at 1:59 EDT on April 8th, 2024.

    The Phenomenon of the Total Solar Eclipse

    Before we talk about timings, it’s important to understand what a total solar eclipse is. This event occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, completely blocking the Sun’s light and casting a shadow over certain parts of the Earth. It’s a unique occurrence that transforms day into night for a brief period.

    Partial Eclipse vs Total Solar Eclipse

    Akron’s Moment Under the Moon’s Shadow

    For Akron, Ohio, the total solar eclipse is scheduled for April 8, 2024. This is a significant date for astronomy enthusiasts and the general public alike, as it offers a chance to witness a celestial dance that’s as rare as it is beautiful.

    Ohio 2024 total solar eclipse path map

    Akron Eclipse Timeline

    Source: TimeAndDate.com

    Partial Eclipse Begins – 1:59 PM EDT

    At 1:59 PM EDT, the initial phase of the eclipse will start. This is when the Moon, in its celestial journey, begins its gradual encroachment upon the Sun. Observers in Akron will notice a slight darkening as the Moon makes its first visible contact with the Sun. This partial eclipse phase serves as a captivating prelude to the total eclipse, offering a slow build-up to the day’s dramatic events.

    Totality Commences – 3:19 PM EDT

    The most dramatic and anticipated part of the eclipse, totality, will commence at approximately 3:19 PM EDT. During this phase, the Moon will completely cover the Sun, casting a shadow over Akron and turning day into night. Observers will experience a sudden drop in light and temperature, creating a surreal and unforgettable moment. It’s a rare opportunity to see the Sun’s corona, an outer layer visible only during a total solar eclipse.

    Maximum Eclipse – 3:15 PM EDT

    The climax of the eclipse, known as the maximum eclipse, will occur at 3:15 PM EDT. This is the moment when the alignment of the Moon and Sun is at its zenith, and the Sun is at its most obscured. The sky will reach its darkest point, allowing a unique view of the stars and planets typically hidden by the Sun’s brilliance. This moment marks the peak of the celestial spectacle, offering an awe-inspiring experience for viewers.

    Totality Ends – 3:17 PM EDT

    The totality phase will draw to a close at around 3:17 PM EDT. This marks the moment when the Moon starts to move away, gradually uncovering the Sun. The end of totality signals the beginning of the eclipse’s concluding phases, as natural light slowly returns and the temperature begins to rise again, restoring the day’s normal conditions.

    Partial Eclipse Ends – 4:29 PM EDT

    The eclipse event will finally conclude at 4:29 PM EDT. This marks the end of the Moon’s transit across the Sun, as the last sliver of the Moon moves away, revealing the Sun in its entirety once again. The ending of the partial eclipse phase brings the extraordinary celestial event to a close, leaving viewers with memories of an incredible natural phenomenon.

    Why This Time is Special

    The 2024 eclipse is not just another astronomical event for Akron. It’s a rare opportunity to see the Sun, our star, in a way it’s seldom seen. The duration of the total eclipse in Akron, lasting for almost 3 minutes, offers a longer period of darkness compared to many other locations.

    Viewing Tips for the Eclipse

    For those in Akron preparing to watch the eclipse, remember that safety is paramount. You should never look directly at the Sun without specialized solar viewing glasses. Also, consider attending local viewing parties or events for a communal experience.

    when to use and take off solar eclipse glasses during a total eclipse

    So, What Time is the Solar Eclipse in Akron?

    The total solar eclipse in Akron, Ohio, is more than just a natural occurrence; it’s a communal event that brings people together in wonder and fascination. Mark your calendars for April 8, 2024, at 1:59 PM, and prepare to witness one of the most stunning shows nature has to offer. Remember to gear up with your eclipse glasses and enjoy this rare cosmic spectacle safely.

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