2024 Vermont Solar Eclipse

Experience the 2024 Vermont solar eclipse like never before. Discover optimal viewing points, the trajectory, safety precautions, and where to buy certified eclipse glasses.
what an vermont total solar eclipse may look like over a cornfield
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    Celestial Dance Under the Green Mountains

    As Vermonters, blustery winters and colorful autumns define our perception of nature’s grandeur. However, in 2024, an astronomical spectacle will illuminate our skies, adding a new perspective to how we experience the heavens.

    We’re talking about the total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024. This celestial ballet will grace Lake Champlain around 2:14pm EDT, reaching the zenith of its glory by about 3:25pm EDT.

    a grand total solar eclipse

    Remarkable Journey of the Eclipse

    The beauty of an eclipse lies not only in its enthralling visual display but also in its journey. The trajectory traverses a riveting 40 miles within Vermont, with the western line barely waltzing past our Canadian neighbors. As the moon’s shadow streaks across the state with a velocity of approximately 2,674 mph, it covers this span in a swift 54 seconds before romancing the skies of Canada around 4:37pm EDT.

    2024 Vermont Total Solar Eclipse Path on April 8th

    Prime Viewing Locations

    Lake Champlain offers an almost poetic backdrop for the eclipse, allowing viewers to experience the event from the tranquility of the waters or the familiarity of the shoreline. As for urban locations, Burlington offers 3 minutes and 15 seconds of the total eclipse – a generous window for the dance of heavenly bodies. In the capital city of Montpelier, sky-gazers can indulge in a captivating 1 minute and 35 seconds of totality.

    Full List of Cities Under the Vermont Solar Eclipse

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    Burlington3:26:08 PM EDT3:15
    St. Albans Town3:26:08 PM EDT3:33
    Jay3:26:57 PM EDT3:30
    Stowe3:26:57 PM EDT2:48
    Waterbury3:27:03 PM EDT2:24
    Middlebury3:27:14 PM EDT0:55
    Greensboro3:27:23 PM EDT2:53
    Montpelier3:27:39 PM EDT1:35

    Plan Ahead, Be Prepared

    To make the most of this celestial event, keeping an eye on weather patterns is key, particularly around areas like the Green Mountains which may impact visibility. Moreover, avid eclipse enthusiasts planning their journey to the path of totality within Vermont can consider Interstates 89 and 91 as primary routes.

    Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses in Vermont

    The 2024 solar eclipse is fast approaching, and the picturesque state of Vermont will be among the many locations anticipating this celestial phenomenon. Protecting your eyes during this event is of utmost importance. Solar eclipse glasses are purposefully designed to shield against the Sun’s potent radiation and are an indispensable tool for this unique occasion.

    Our Online Eclipse Store

    We pride ourselves on offering premium-quality solar eclipse glasses that meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. During the last solar eclipse, our inventory sold out well in advance.

    With the current heightened anticipation, a similar sell-out is expected. We strongly recommend you visit our online Eclipse store without delay to ensure you aren’t left without this essential protective gear.

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    Retail Stores

    Many optical outlets and astronomy-oriented stores in Vermont might have solar eclipse glasses. However, availability can become uncertain as the event draws near.

    Local Libraries and Educational Institutions

    Some may provide solar eclipse glasses during their informative programs. However, depending solely on these venues can be risky due to possible stock limitations.

    Museums, Planetariums, and Astronomy Clubs

    These venues might offer solar eclipse glasses. Still, given the widespread interest, their stock might be limited and could deplete as the eclipse date approaches.

    With the 2024 solar eclipse poised to be a memorable event, adequate preparation is essential. While various avenues exist to procure solar eclipse glasses in Vermont, the urgency to secure a certified pair should not be underestimated. Based on our past experiences, our online store’s inventory is likely to sell out.

    Safety: Don’t Compromise

    The enchanting beauty of the eclipse should not cloud the importance of safety. For your protection, acquiring certified eclipse glasses is crucial. Luckily, you can explore a curated selection from celebrated versions such as the Bill Nye Plastic Eclipse Glasses to quirky styles like the Green Alien Eclipse Glasses and more on our online eclipse glasses store, guaranteeing safety and style.

    eclipse glasses safety check

    Vermont Total Solar Eclipse FAQs

    What is a total solar eclipse?

    A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon completely blocks the sun, briefly turning day into night on Earth. This only happens when the sun, moon, and Earth are perfectly aligned.

    When is the total solar eclipse happening over Vermont?

    The next total solar eclipse over Vermont will take place on April 8th, 2024. The centerline will enter Vermont over Lake Champlain at approximately 2:14pm EDT.

    Where are the prime viewing locations for this eclipse in Vermont?

    Lake Champlain is deemed one of the best locations for witnessing the eclipse. Major cities in the path of totality include Burlington, where the total eclipse will last approximately 3 minutes and 15 seconds, and Montpelier, where viewers will see about 1 minute and 35 seconds of totality.

    How can I stay safe while viewing the eclipse?

    We highly recommend using certified eclipse glasses to view the event. Sungaze Glasses offers a variety of glasses that meet all safety regulations and can be purchased here. Never look directly at the sun without protective eyewear.

    What happens if the weather is cloudy on the day of the eclipse?

    Cloudy skies might obstruct the view of the eclipse. Weather forecasts should be checked prior to the event, and it may prove beneficial to select a viewing location with typically clear skies.

    What route should I take if I plan to travel through Vermont for the eclipse?

    Interstates 89 and 91 are your primary routes if you are navigating within the path of totality in Vermont. Do ensure to set off with ample time, factoring in potential traffic due to the event.

    Where does the eclipse go after Vermont?

    The centerline of the eclipse will exit Vermont and continue its journey into Canada around 4:37pm EDT.

    Your Moment to Shine

    Now that you’re well-informed, it’s your turn to dance under the Vermont sky. Capture and share your unique eclipse experiences, enhancing community spirit during this celestial marvel. Remember, an event like the 2024 solar eclipse in Vermont is not merely a chance to witness the moon and sun in their splendid waltz, but also an opportunity to be one with the astronomical rhythm of the universe.

    So get your eclipse glasses, mark your calendars, and prepare for a display that’s out of this world!

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