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2024 Eclipse Begins:

Texas Solar Eclipse 2024 Interactive Map

Texas, prepare for darkness! Navigate the eclipse like a pro with our Texas Solar Eclipse 2024 Interactive Map!
texas solar eclipse 2024 interactive map
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    Get ready, Texas! On April 8th, 2024, the Lone Star State will be awash in darkness as the moon throws a celestial shadow, creating a total solar eclipse. Witness the sun vanish, stars emerge, and the sky transform into a breathtaking spectacle with our Texas solar eclipse 2024 interactive map!

    Explore the Path of Totality:

    • Zoom and pan seamlessly: Find your city, park, or any location within Texas to see if it falls within the eclipse path.
    • Precise timings: Know exactly when the partial and total phases begin and end for your chosen spot.
    • Safety first: The map marks safe viewing zones and reminds you to never look directly at the sun without certified eclipse glasses.

    Beyond the Map:

    • Detailed information: Dive deeper into eclipse science, types, and fascinating historical tidbits.
    • Plan your adventure: Discover ideal viewing spots, festivals, and community events across Texas.
    • Mobile-friendly: Access the map and all its features on your phone or tablet, perfect for on-the-go exploring.

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