2024 Oklahoma Total Solar Eclipse Guide

Experience the Oklahoma solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024. Discover the unique trajectory, local viewing points, and safe viewing tips. Don’t miss this celestial spectacle!
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    April 8th, 2024: Experience the Solar Eclipse Over Oklahoma

    One of the most anticipated celestial events, the Oklahoma solar eclipse, has a unique date with the southeastern corner of the state on April 8th, 2024. This rare spectacle will make its entrance into Oklahoma over the Red River around 12:27 pm CDT, plunging the area into a transient daytime twilight by approximately 1:45 pm CDT.

    Oklahoma’s Brief Dance with the Shadows

    What makes the Oklahoma solar eclipse experience particularly noteworthy is the brevity of its engagement — the eclipse’s centerline etches out a succinct 31-mile journey across the state, a manic sprint that is the shortest span for any state the eclipse sweeps across. Additionally, the eastern boundary of the eclipse does not extend into Oklahoma, drawing the precise lines of an experience that will be uniquely Oklahoman.

    Poteau, OK

    In the quaint town of Poteau, a privilege bestowed by its position along the eclipse path will make it a focal point of this celestial fanfare. Despite being the most populous town in the eclipse’s path within the state, spectators will experience totality for just 1 minute and 22 seconds, a testament to the fleeting grandeur of this rare spectacle.

    Traveling north and west from Poteau will see the totality duration gradually decreasing, with northern regions potentially missing the totality phase altogether.

    Travel Recommendations

    While Oklahoma City isn’t directly under the eclipse path, the event can still be fully appreciated with a short journey south or east. Oklahoma’s unique geographical position means you can also choose to view the eclipse in a different state contextual backdrop. A trip south on Interstate 35 can lead you to an exceptional Texan viewing spot, while an eastward traverse along Interstate 40 will find you in an optimal location within Arkansas.

    2024 oklahoma total solar eclipse path on april 8th
    Source: TimeAndDate.com

    As the eclipse ceases its Oklahoma journey, you’ll witness the centerline exiting the region around 3:07 pm CDT. The rapidity of this celestial phenomenon is made evident by the traversing of the 31 miles between the Texas-Oklahoma and Oklahoma-Arkansas borders in just 1 minute and 5 seconds, translating to a jaw-dropping speed of nearly 1,719 mph.

    List of Cities Experiencing the Oklahoma Solar Eclipse

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    Hugo1:44:55 PM CDT3:20
    Fort Towson1:45:06 PM CDT3:47
    Valliant1:45:14 PM CDT4:03
    Idabel1:45:23 PM CDT4:19
    Sobol1:45:30 PM CDT3:30
    Tom1:45:36 PM CDT4:13
    Broken Bow1:45:44 PM CDT4:17
    Antlers1:45:46 PM CDT1:56
    Talihina1:47:49 PM CDT1:09
    Poteau1:48:49 PM CDT1:22

    Where to Buy Eclipse Glasses in Oklahoma

    As the 2024 solar eclipse nears, Oklahoma is gearing up to partake in this celestial event. Ensuring proper eye protection during this moment is essential. Acquire your specially designed solar eclipse glasses from Oklahoma’s trusted sources promptly, particularly in light of the expected high demand for the event.

    1. Our Online Eclipse Store: Our unwavering commitment to safety and quality is evident in our top-tier solar eclipse glasses, which are in line with the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. Reflecting on the last solar eclipse, our stock was rapidly acquired by eager viewers.
    2. Retail Stores: Various optical stores and astronomy-focused outlets in Oklahoma are potential sources of solar eclipse glasses. Nevertheless, as the event approaches, availability might become scarce.
    3. Local Libraries and Educational Institutions: Some of these institutions might distribute solar eclipse glasses in tandem with their informative programs. Solely depending on these entities might be inadvisable due to probable stock limitations.
    4. Online Retailers: Outside of our eclipse store, there are numerous other online vendors potentially offering solar eclipse glasses. It’s crucial to select vendors who rigorously adhere to safety norms and maintain a good reputation.
    5. Museums, Planetariums, and Astronomy Clubs: Organizations of this nature in Oklahoma might have solar eclipse glasses on hand. However, due to the anticipated surge in interest, availability might be constrained, emphasizing the importance of early acquisition.

    Being well-prepared for the 2024 solar eclipse in Oklahoma is of utmost importance. While there are a variety of channels to purchase solar eclipse glasses in OK, the importance of swiftly securing a certified pair cannot be understated. Reflecting on previous purchasing patterns, it is projected that our online store inventory will deplete swiftly. Take action now to ensure a protected and awe-inspiring viewing experience.

    Safe Viewing and the Right Glasses

    As thrilling as it is to witness a solar eclipse, safety should take precedence. Specialized eclipse glasses are vital for safe viewing. Ensure to purchase certified eclipse glasses from a trustworthy source such as Sungaze Glasses, a popular and reliable online shop offering a comprehensive collection of certified eclipse glasses. You can also source these glasses from reputable physical outlets or astronomical societies within Oklahoma or neighboring states.

    when to use and take off solar eclipse glasses during a total eclipse

    Oklahoma Eclipse FAQs

    What date is the total solar eclipse in Oklahoma?

    The total solar eclipse will occur over parts of Oklahoma on April 8th, 2024.

    When will the eclipse start in Oklahoma?

    The total solar eclipse will make its entrance over Oklahoma around 12:27 pm CDT.

    How long will totality last in Oklahoma?

    The duration of totality depends on your location. In the most populous town in the eclipse’s path, Poteau, totality will last for approximately 1 minute and 22 seconds.

    Can I view the eclipse from Oklahoma City?

    While Oklahoma City falls outside the eclipse’s direct route, a short journey to the south or east will allow for complete eclipse viewing.

    What safety precautions should I take when viewing the eclipse?

    It’s crucial to use certified eclipse glasses for safe and optimal viewing, which can be purchased from reliable sources like Sungaze Glasses or local astronomical societies.

    Where does the centerline of the eclipse exit Oklahoma?

    The centerline of the eclipse exits Oklahoma near the eastern border, around 3:07pm CDT.

    What’s the speed of the lunar shadow over Oklahoma during the eclipse?

    The lunar shadow will cover the 31 miles between the Texas-Oklahoma and Oklahoma-Arkansas borders in roughly 1 minute and 5 seconds, reflecting an impressive speed of about 1,719 mph.

    How can I make the most out of this celestial event?

    Participate actively by planning your viewing point, ensuring you have the correct viewing equipment in advance, and sharing your experiences on social media platforms to promote community engagement.

    Seize the Celestial Moment

    This brief but spellbinding encounter with the total solar eclipse is sure to leave an enduring impression on Oklahoma and its inhabitants. Don’t miss out on this ephemeral and exceptional event. Start your preparations now! Invest in safe viewing by buying certified eclipse glasses today. Remember to share your eclipse-viewing experiences and observations on social platforms, fostering a stronger community bond over this rare celestial phenomenon.

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