Is Legit? Yes! The Safe, NASA & AAS Approved Choice

Is Legit? Yes, it is! Uncover the truth about their NASA and AAS approved eclipse glasses for your safe solar viewing experience.
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    Gearing Up for a Celestial Spectacle

    As we eagerly anticipate the next solar eclipse, a burning question eclipses the minds of many stargazers: “Is legit?” Well, strap in, as we embark on an astronomical journey to uncover the truth. Spoiler alert: It’s a resounding “Yes!”, and the reasons are as clear as the day sky (without the eclipse, of course).

    Why Trust The Science of Safety

    The Stamp of Approval: AAS and NASA Endorsements

    When it comes to solar safety, the American Astronomical Society (AAS) and NASA are like the celestial cops, ensuring every eclipse viewer is up to par. isn’t just approved; it’s celebrated by these astronomical giants. It’s like getting a double thumbs-up from the universe’s toughest critics.

    The Science Behind Safe Eclipse Glasses

    Understanding the science behind these glasses is key. Unlike your average Joe sunglasses, eclipse glasses from use a black polymer material, creating a mini-universe where only the sun’s safe light can enter. It’s not just about dimming the sun; it’s about making sure your eyes live to see many more eclipses.’s High-Quality Standards: More Than Just Glasses

    Design and Comfort: Made for Every Stargazer knows one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to head sizes and shapes. They’ve engineered glasses that are comfortably snug, ensuring no harmful rays sneak around the edges. It’s like a personalized eclipse viewing experience for every head out there.

    Durability and Reliability: Long-lasting Assurance

    These glasses aren’t just a one-hit wonder. Made to last, they’re your loyal companion for multiple celestial events. Store them properly, and they’ll be your trusty sidekick, eclipse after eclipse.

    Customer Experiences: The Community Speaks

    Testimonials: Real Stories from the Star-struck

    From seasoned astronomers to first-time eclipse chasers, the reviews are in, and they’re stellar! Customers share tales of crisp, clear views and relief knowing their eyes were in safe hands. It’s not just about seeing the eclipse; it’s about feeling the awe, safely.

    Community Engagement: More Than Just a Seller doesn’t just sell; they educate and engage. Their website and customer service are like a mini space academy, providing valuable information and tips for a safe and enjoyable viewing experience. – The Trustworthy Choice for Solar Viewing

    To conclude, stands out not just as a legitimate choice, but as the go-to source for safe solar eclipse viewing. With the backing of the AAS and NASA, top-notch product quality, and glowing customer reviews, they’re more than just a vendor; they’re a beacon of trust in the vast universe of online shopping. Remember, when it comes to solar eclipses, never compromise on safety. With, you won’t have to.

    FAQs: Navigating the World of Eclipse Glasses

    Q: Can pets use eclipse glasses from

    A: While it’s an adorable thought, pets generally don’t need eclipse glasses. They’re not likely to stare directly at the sun, but it’s best to keep pets indoors during an eclipse for safety.

    Q: How do I know if my eclipse glasses are counterfeit?

    solar eclipse ISO 12312-2 certified

    A: Look for the ISO certification and the AAS seal of approval. If you’re buying from, you’re already on the safe side. Be wary of glasses sold by street vendors, at convenience stores, or with unclear labeling.

    Q: Can I use a camera, binoculars, or a telescope with eclipse glasses?

    A: No, eclipse glasses are designed for direct viewing only. For telescopes, binoculars, or cameras, you need a special solar filter. Using eclipse glasses with these devices won’t protect your eyes or the equipment.

    Q: How do I store my eclipse glasses for future use?

    A: Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. A plastic bag or a book can protect them from scratches and dust. Make sure they remain flat and aren’t bent or folded.

    Q: Are there educational resources available on for schools and educators?

    A: Yes, often provides educational materials and bulk purchasing options for schools and educational programs. They’re committed to promoting safe and informative viewing experiences.

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    NASA Approved Eclipse Glasses


    Our manufacturer crafts eclipse glasses not only for the public but also for NASA!

    Bulk Eclipse Glasses Discounts Available!

    Our Solar Eclipse Glasses are now available at wholesale prices. Perfect for schools, astronomy clubs, or anyone planning a viewing event!

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