2024 Indiana Solar Eclipse Guide

The Indiana Solar Eclipse on April 8th will journey through the heart of Indiana, treating residents and visitors to an exclusive celestial spectacle. Learn all about the eclipse’s grand Indiana tour, optimal viewing spots, and where to buy certified eclipse glasses in the Hoosier state.
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    A Hoosier’s Guide to Witnessing the Eclipse Across Indiana

    On April 8th, 2024 a spectacular Indiana solar eclipse will pass through the heart of the Hoosier State, treating residents and visitors to an extraordinary cosmic experience. The moon’s shadow will first contact Indiana at approximately 1:47pm Eastern Daylight Time as the eclipse enters near the banks of the Wabash River in the western region of the state.

    This marks the beginning of an incredible journey, as the moon starts to pass directly in front of the sun, commencing the partial eclipse phase over Indiana. For the next hour, the moon will inch across the face of the sun, gradually blocking more and more of its light. Then, at around 3:02pm, the moon will completely cover the sun and usher in totality – the period when the sun’s corona blazes into view and day briefly turns to night.

    solar eclipse phases slither

    During totality, the landscape will be draped in an eerie twilight and the horizon will glow red and orange. Witnesses may even catch a glimpse of stars and planets that are normally washed out by daylight. It’s an awe-inspiring sight not to be missed.

    The Path Through Indiana

    The Indiana total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, promises to deliver a rare spectacle as its path of totality cuts directly through the heart of the state. Traversing from border to border in under an hour, the moon’s shadow will race across the state at approximately 2,000 mph, treating residents and visitors to an exclusive and fleeting show.

    2024 Indiana total solar eclipse path on april 8th
    Source: TimeAndDate.com

    The eclipse makes landfall in Indiana by crossing the Wabash River around 1:47pm EDT. It then continues southeast, providing extraordinary viewing opportunities throughout the state. One of the first cities to experience totality will be Evansville, where skygazers can witness the full eclipse for over 3 minutes starting at 2:27pm.

    Further, along the path, Bloomington finds itself in an exceptionally fortunate position. At approximately 3:02 pm, Bloomington will be plunged into darkness for 4 minutes and 2 seconds, marking the longest duration of totality anywhere in Indiana.

    Overall, the eclipse carves a narrow path through the heart of the state, allowing Hoosiers to experience the marvels of the Indiana total solar eclipse right in their own backyards. After crossing into Ohio shortly after 4:25pm, residents will have to wait another 7 years for the next US total solar eclipse in 2031.

    Indianapolis in the Path

    Indianapolis holds special distinction as the largest city in the direct path of totality for this eclipse, outside of Texas. For a major metropolitan area with a population over 850,000, the opportunity to experience an event like this is exceptionally rare.

    Residents of Indianapolis will enjoy close to 4 minutes of totality during the eclipse, starting at approximately 2:58pm and lasting until 3:48pm EDT. This duration gives viewers in Indianapolis almost the maximum possible time to witness the moon fully blocking the sun. The city lines up centrally with the eclipse path, providing a front-row seat to the celestial show.

    The eclipse uniquely brings a taste of small-town charm to the big city, as all gather to admire the awe-inspiring sights in the sky above. Locals will relish this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see day transformed briefly into night, while the streets of Indianapolis fall quiet under the moon’s shadow.

    Muncie’s Prime Viewing

    The mid-sized city of Muncie is advantageously positioned to experience nearly the full duration of totality that Indianapolis will see. Located just northeast of Indianapolis, Muncie falls directly in the path of the moon’s umbral shadow. This grants Muncie the exceptional privilege of witnessing the total solar eclipse for an incredible 3 minutes and 47 seconds.

    For residents and visitors hoping to maximize their eclipse viewing, Muncie presents itself as an optimal destination. By journeying just outside the metro boundaries, spectators can delight in the remarkable celestial show under ideal conditions. The longer duration of totality provides additional precious moments to behold the sun’s mesmerizing corona and the encompassing twilight. With open fields and parks offering clear sightlines in the area, Muncie promises a prime eclipse experience worthy of going out of one’s way to witness.

    Nearby City Recommendations

    Those in Louisville and Fort Wayne will have a prime opportunity to witness the eclipse as well, thanks to their proximity to the path. Louisville sits just south of the eclipse’s trail through Indiana, making it an optimal viewing destination. A short drive north on Interstate 65 will lead Louisville residents to exceptional eclipse sightings.

    Similarly, Fort Wayne rests only about 60 miles west of the path of totality. Making the quick trip east on Interstate 69 will transport Fort Wayne viewers directly into the eclipse’s path. For residents of both cities, the hour drive is more than worthwhile for the remarkable views it will provide.

    Interstates 65, 74, and 69 will serve as ideal routes into the path for neighboring cities. By traversing just a short way on these key Indiana roadways, Louisville, Fort Wayne, and other nearby cities can glimpse the full grandeur of the total solar eclipse as it passes through the heart of the state. With just a bit of planning, residents throughout the region can secure front-row seats to this rare spectacle.

    List of Cities Under Path of Totality

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    Anderson3:07:08 PM EDT3:41
    Bedford3:04:48 PM EDT3:42
    Bloomington3:04:52 PM EDT4:02
    Brazil3:04:42 PM EDT3:16
    Carmel3:06:29 PM EDT3:29
    Columbus3:05:57 PM EDT3:44
    Connersville3:07:29 PM EDT3:45
    Decatur3:09:18 PM EDT2:42
    Evansville2:02:37 PM CDT3:03
    Fishers3:06:32 PM EDT3:38
    Franklin3:05:51 PM EDT4:02
    French Lick3:04:36 PM EDT3:07
    Greensburg3:06:49 PM EDT3:32
    Greenwood3:05:55 PM EDT4:00
    Indianapolis3:06:04 PM EDT3:49
    Jasper3:03:56 PM EDT3:11
    Linton3:03:47 PM EDT4:02
    Lyons3:03:51 PM EDT4:04
    Marion3:08:17 PM EDT2:11
    Martinsville3:05:16 PM EDT4:01
    Metamora3:07:32 PM EDT3:20
    Mount Vernon2:01:51 PM CDT3:30
    Muncie3:07:35 PM EDT3:47
    New Castle3:07:16 PM EDT4:00
    Newburgh2:03:06 PM CDT2:30
    Nineveh3:05:43 PM EDT4:00
    Portland3:08:24 PM EDT3:43
    Princeton2:02:35 PM CDT3:54
    Richmond3:07:59 PM EDT3:49
    Salem3:06:00 PM EDT1:59
    Santa Claus2:04:23 PM CDT1:47
    Scottsburg3:07:07 PM EDT0:54
    Seymour3:06:05 PM EDT3:07
    Shelbyville3:06:19 PM EDT3:59
    Sullivan3:03:35 PM EDT3:51
    Terre Haute3:04:23 PM EDT2:57
    Unionville3:05:05 PM EDT4:02
    Upland3:08:04 PM EDT2:58
    Vincennes3:02:52 PM EDT4:05
    Washington3:03:27 PM EDT3:58
    West Baden Springs3:04:36 PM EDT3:09
    Westfield3:06:37 PM EDT3:18
    Winchester3:08:03 PM EDT3:58

    Departing Indiana

    The Indiana total solar eclipse will make a quick journey through the state, entering from the west and exiting to the east in the span of a little over 2 hours. After journeying through the heart of the state, the moon’s shadow will rapidly depart around 4:25pm EDT.

    The eclipse’s swift passage is quite astonishing, crossing the entire state at an impressive velocity of about 2,038 mph. This remarkable speed is owed to the moon’s shadow traversing Indiana at a width of about 115 miles.

    In a beautiful celestial dance, the eclipse will bid farewell to Indiana near the Ohio border, as the moon’s shadow continues its exclusive path across additional states. The residents of Indiana will certainly be left in awe, having witnessed around 3 minutes of totality in most areas.

    Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses in Indiana

    As the 2024 solar eclipse nears, Indiana is gearing up to partake in this celestial event. Ensuring proper eye protection during this moment is essential. Acquire your specially designed solar eclipse glasses from Indiana’s trusted sources promptly, particularly in light of the expected high demand for the event.

    1. Our Online Eclipse Store: Our unwavering commitment to safety and quality is evident in our top-tier solar eclipse glasses, which are in line with the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. Reflecting on the last solar eclipse, our stock was rapidly acquired by eager viewers.
    2. Retail Stores: Various optical stores and astronomy-focused outlets in Indiana are potential sources of solar eclipse glasses. Nevertheless, as the event approaches, availability might become scarce.
    3. Local Libraries and Educational Institutions: Some of these institutions might distribute solar eclipse glasses in tandem with their informative programs. Solely depending on these entities might be inadvisable due to probable stock limitations.
    4. Online Retailers: Outside of our specialist eclipse store, there are numerous other online vendors potentially offering solar eclipse glasses. It’s crucial to select vendors who rigorously adhere to safety norms and maintain a good reputation.
    5. Museums, Planetariums, and Astronomy Clubs: Organizations of this nature in Indiana might have solar eclipse glasses on hand. However, due to the anticipated surge in interest, availability might be constrained, emphasizing the importance of early acquisition.

    Being well-prepared for the 2024 solar eclipse is of utmost importance. While there are a variety of channels to buy solar eclipse glasses in Indiana, the importance of swiftly securing a certified pair cannot be understated. Reflecting on previous purchasing patterns, it is projected that our online store inventory will deplete swiftly. Take action now to ensure a protected and awe-inspiring viewing experience.

    Safety First

    Viewing the sun without proper eye protection during an eclipse can cause serious and permanent damage. It is crucial to use special solar filters or “eclipse glasses” when observing the event.

    when to use and take off solar eclipse glasses during a total eclipse

    Regular sunglasses, even very dark ones, are not safe for looking directly at the sun. To ensure your eyes are properly protected, you must use eclipse glasses that meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. These glasses block 100% of harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation as well as 100% of visible sunlight.

    You can purchase certified eclipse glasses through reputable online retailers, astronomy stores, science museums, and public libraries. It is not recommended to buy questionable glasses from random sellers, flea markets, or convenience stores. Counterfeit eclipse glasses may look real but do not offer sufficient protection.

    To be certain your eclipse glasses are ISO certified, check that they have the proper ISO logo, designation number, manufacturer name, and address printed on the frames. Avoid glasses that are wrinkled, scratched, or more than 3 years old. Proper eye protection is essential for safely viewing the eclipse without risking damage.

    approved and certified solar eclipse glasses info

    Experience the Indiana Total Solar Eclipse

    The Indiana total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024 is sure to be a monumental event for the Hoosier State. As the moon’s shadow races across the state, plunging cities into an awe-inspiring darkness, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.

    To fully immerse yourself in the experience, be sure to share your eclipse adventures on social media. Documenting and relaying your impressions in real time lets you take part in a community moment, as viewers across the state collectively marvel at the celestial wonder above them.

    Don’t forget to capture images and videos to share – use proper filtering of course! Tagging #IndianaEclipse2024 allows you to contribute to the digital footprint of this extraordinary occasion.

    And most importantly, remember to observe safety procedures and never look directly at the sun without certified eclipse glasses. To guarantee you’re fully prepared with proper eye protection, visit our eclipse glasses online store to conveniently purchase certified viewing glasses. We offer specialty glasses at affordable prices, shipped right to your door.

    The total solar eclipse is sure to be a stunning visual spectacle. But experiencing it as part of a wider community, bound together in awe and wonder, makes it all the more poignant. So be sure to share your personal eclipse story as Indiana finds itself at the center of an extraordinary celestial event.

    Additional Information

    To enhance your understanding and preparations for the total solar eclipse in Indiana, we’ve compiled supplementary resources:

    Totality Duration Map

    Use this total eclipse interactive map to determine the approximate duration of totality for your Indiana location:

    Indiana 2024 total solar eclipse path map

    Image Credit: Xavier Mhttp://xjubier.free.fr/en/site_pages/solar_eclipses/TSE_2024_GoogleMapFull.html. Jubier

    Final Thoughts on the Indiana Total Solar Eclipse

    The Indiana total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 will be an awe-inspiring event for Indiana and its residents. As the moon’s shadow races across the state at over 2,000 mph, cities like Evansville, Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Muncie will be plunged into daytime darkness for almost 4 minutes. The sun’s corona, only visible during totality, will glow ethereally in the sky. For many, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness such a spectacular natural phenomenon right in their backyard.

    With the path of totality cutting through the heart of the state, Indiana will be front and center for eclipse viewing. By obtaining proper eye protection like certified eclipse glasses ahead of time, Hoosiers can safely experience the eclipse in all its glory. The countdown is on to April 8, 2024 when an astounding cosmic event will captivate the country – especially right here in Indiana. Don’t miss your chance to be part of an extraordinary moment in the natural history of the state. Get your eclipse glasses ready and prepare for a truly remarkable day.

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