How Does a Total Solar Eclipse Affect Us?

How Does a Total Solar Eclipse Affect Us? A solar eclipse triggers physiological, psychological and technological effects. NASA research shows how animals react and humans experience an adrenaline rush and awe during totality.
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    Physiological Effects

    According to NASA research , total solar eclipses can have interesting effects on animals and humans. As the moon blocks the sun and day briefly turns to night, birds stop singing, animals go to sleep, and humans experience an adrenaline rush. The sudden darkness and dramatic visuals of a total solar eclipse often evoke a sense of awe and excitement in viewers.

    Triggering Something Inside Us

    The rare spectacle of a total solar eclipse can be emotionally moving and lead to tears, laughter, screaming, and silence. Witnessing day turn to night in a matter of seconds triggers a primal sense of wonder and a reminder of humanity’s smallness in the universe.

    Effects on Technology and Infrastructure

    When the moon blocks the sun during a total solar eclipse, solar energy is cut off which can impact technology like solar panels, power grids, and satellites. However, there is no need to worry because grid operators are well aware of this in advance and make preparations. The unfortunate truth is, that there will be more fossil-fuel usage during the eclipse due to the sun being blocked by the moon. Fortunately, it only lasts a few hours.

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    A total solar eclipse can have significant physiological, psychological, and technological effects. As the moon blocks the sun, animals and humans experience changes in behavior and emotion. The rare spectacle of an eclipse also impacts solar energy and infrastructure.

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