Don’t Let the Sun Blind You – Get Your Bill Nye Eclipse Glasses Today!

bill nye wearing his limited edition bill nye plastic eclipse glasses
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    On August 21st, the Moon will pass between the Sun and the Earth, creating a spectacular total solar eclipse visible across North America. While this cosmic event is thrilling, it can also be dangerous if you don’t take proper precautions. That’s why we’re urging all eclipse enthusiasts to protect their eyes with Bill Nye Eclipse Glasses.

    This once-in-a-lifetime eclipse will cause millions to gaze up at the Sun, tempted to sneak a peek at its magnificent corona. But looking directly at the Sun, even for a few seconds, can cause permanent eye damage or even blindness. Not something any science fan wants!

    a grand total solar eclipse

    The only safe way to view the eclipse is with certified protective eyewear, like our exclusive Bill Nye Eclipse Glasses. They allow you to witness the eclipse safely and avoid potential harm to your eyes. We have both collectible paper Bill Nye eclipse glasses and plastic Bill Nye eclipse glasses versions available in limited quantities, but they’re selling out fast!

    Bill Nye Eclipse FAQs

    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about using Bill Nye Eclipse Glasses:

    How do the eclipse glasses work?

    Our glasses have special solar filters that block harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation from the Sun. This allows you to look directly at the eclipse safely.

    When should I wear the glasses?

    Anytime you are looking up at the Sun, whether it’s partially or totally eclipsed. The only exception is if you are in the path of totality when the Moon completely covers the Sun. During those couple minutes of total darkness, you can remove your glasses and see the magnificent corona.

    Are the glasses safe for kids?

    Absolutely! We recommend kids wear glasses at all times too. Having a pair for each child ensures safety.

    What if my glasses get scratched?

    Inspect your eclipse glasses carefully for any scratches or damage before use. Even minor defects can affect their protective abilities. If in doubt, don’t use them. Safety first!

    Don’t miss your chance to witness this once-in-a-lifetime eclipse with the limited edition Bill Nye Eclipse Glasses. They’ll let you enjoy the cosmic spectacle safely. And when it’s over, you’ll have a neat piece of eclipse memorabilia! So get your Bill Nye Eclipse Glasses today before we sell out!

    Bill Nye wants to know, are your solar eclipse glasses safe?

    Listen to the legendary science man himself on the importance of eclipse safety.

    Get Today While Supplies Last!

    the SUNGAZERS eclipse glasses 2024

    Limited Edition

    Get These Limited Edition Eclipse Glasses While Supplies Last

    All eclipse glasses

    All glasses are ISO-Certified & Made In America!

    Starting at $16.99 ea
    Starting at $12.99 ea

    Handheld Eclipse Viewers

    Fits Any Face, but You Need to Hold It

    eclipse glasses made in USA

    Made in USA

    Eclipse glasses made within the USA ensure top-notch quality and safety.

    cool eclipse glasses

    Safe for Viewing

    Eclipse viewing requires special glasses. These ensure protection for the eyes from harmful rays.

    NASA Approved Eclipse Glasses


    Our manufacturer crafts eclipse glasses not only for the public but also for NASA!

    Bulk Eclipse Glasses Discounts Available!

    Our Solar Eclipse Glasses are now available at wholesale prices. Perfect for schools, astronomy clubs, or anyone planning a viewing event!

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