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2024 Eclipse Begins:

Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses in Portland, OR at China Foods Inc.

Seeking top-notch solar eclipse glasses in Portland for the 2023 Eclipse? China Foods Inc. offers premium, NASA-Approved eclipse shades ensuring safe viewing. Call 503-256-8718 today!
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    Where to Buy Eclipse Glasses in Portland?

    The much-anticipated Oregon 2023 Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse is right around the corner, and Portland is buzzing with excitement. If you’re among the many looking to secure your view of this mesmerizing celestial event, you might be wondering where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Portland, Oregon. We got the answer: China Foods Inc!

    Where is the Best Spot to View the Ring of Fire Eclipse?

    While Portland is in for a treat with a stunning partial solar eclipse, it’s essential to note that the city won’t be witnessing the “ring of fire” phenomenon this time. To truly experience the mesmerizing ring of fire in all its glory, one would need to venture south of Corvallis, positioning oneself precisely within the moon’s shadow. If you’re keen on this, check out the interactive eclipse map below to determine the best spots. However, for those staying in Portland, prepare for an equally breathtaking partial solar eclipse.

    2023 oregon solar eclipse map path

    For an enhanced experience, delve into the interactive Ring of Fire eclipse map to determine the most favorable viewing spots in and around Portland. But remember, no matter where you decide to watch the annular solar eclipse, ensuring you have the best eclipse viewers for protection is paramount.

    The Importance of High-Quality Eclipse Glasses

    Safe solar viewing isn’t something to be taken lightly. The intense visible light of a total solar eclipse, if viewed without protection, can cause irreversible damage to the eyes. This is why investing in good-quality eclipse glasses with reliable solar filters is imperative.

    Buy Eclipse Glasses at China Foods Inc: $10 Each

    China Foods Inc. is conveniently located at 1414 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97216 (Google Maps) so feel free to stop by and buy your eclipse glasses. For queries or to check stock availability, you can give them a ring at 503-256-8718.

    At a starting price of $10, these glasses are a steal. But as the eclipse date approaches and stocks dwindle, you might find the price going up to $20. Don’t wait too long, especially when online ordering is no longer a viable option.

    They offer NASA-Approved eclipse glasses that adhere to the rigorous safety standards of ISO 12312-2 2015. With the perfect optical density, these glasses ensure maximum protection and an optimal viewing experience.

    Seize the Moment: Limited Supplies Await

    As the celestial marvel of the 2023 Eclipse draws closer, the demand for quality eclipse glasses in Portland is soaring. It’s not just about witnessing a cosmic dance; it’s about experiencing it safely. China Foods Inc. offers you the prime opportunity to do just that with their NASA-approved glasses. But with the clock ticking and supplies dwindling, waiting is not an option.

    This is a rare event, and being prepared ensures you don’t miss out while prioritizing your eye safety. So, Portland residents and visitors alike, seize this moment. Secure your glasses today and ensure an unforgettable and safe viewing experience. Buy now while supplies last!

    The Sungazers Are Now
    Just $1.85 Each!


    Sungaze Solar Eclipse Glasses

    Limited Edition

    Get These Limited Edition Eclipse Glasses While Supplies Last

    All eclipse glasses

    All glasses are ISO-Certified & Made In America!

    Starting at $16.99 ea
    Starting at $12.99 ea

    Handheld Eclipse Viewers

    Fits Any Face, but You Need to Hold It

    eclipse glasses made in USA

    Made in USA

    Eclipse glasses made within the USA ensure top-notch quality and safety.

    cool eclipse glasses

    Safe for Viewing

    Eclipse viewing requires special glasses. These ensure protection for the eyes from harmful rays.

    NASA Approved Eclipse Glasses


    Our manufacturer crafts eclipse glasses not only for the public but also for NASA!

    Bulk Eclipse Glasses Discounts Available!

    Our Solar Eclipse Glasses are now available at wholesale prices. Perfect for schools, astronomy clubs, or anyone planning a viewing event!

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