Amarillo, TX: Where to Buy Eclipse Glasses

Get ready for the 2024 Texas Solar Eclipse in Amarillo, TX! Discover where to buy eclipse glasses in Amarillo and ensure a safe solar viewing experience.
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    Amarillo Eclipse Glasses

    Amarillo, TX, celebrated for its vibrant arts scene and the iconic Cadillac Ranch, is gearing up for another unforgettable event: the 2024 Texas Solar Eclipse. If you’re anticipating this celestial phenomenon in Amarillo, safeguarding your eyes should be a priority. Acquiring eclipse glasses in Amarillo, TX is your essential tool for safe solar viewing. Here’s why they’re indispensable and where you can obtain them.

    Why Buy Eclipse Glasses in Amarillo, TX?

    The unparalleled beauty of a solar eclipse, especially such a significant event as the 2024 Texas Solar Eclipse, is a sight to behold. Yet, staring at this marvel without the right protection can have adverse effects. Eclipse glasses, fitted with solar filters, provide essential protection by significantly reducing the intensity of visible light, allowing you to relish the spectacle without any hazards.

    Recall the fervor surrounding the 2017 total solar eclipse? Glasses became a rare commodity, with prices surging to an astounding $20 each. However, today you can buy eclipse glasses while supplies last for a mere $5. As we edge closer to the date, demand is bound to escalate. The nearer we get to the eclipse, the greater the surge in purchases. Securing your glasses online from reputable vendors ensures you receive authentic and compliant glasses, circumventing potential risks of counterfeits.

    Safety is of Paramount Importance!

    It is imperative that one exercises the utmost caution when it comes to selecting eclipse glasses. The market, unfortunately, is inundated with subpar and counterfeit eclipse glasses that do not meet the necessary safety standards for solar viewing. Such glasses can pose a significant risk to one’s ocular health. Therefore, always ensure that the glasses you choose are certified in accordance with the international ISO 12312-2 standard. This is not just a mere recommendation, but a requisite to safeguard the well-being of your eyes.

    Equipped with the appropriate pair of solar eclipse glasses, you will be poised to observe this magnificent celestial phenomenon in its full glory when it graces the skies above Amarillo, TX. It is advisable to plan ahead, thereby allowing adequate time to ascertain the veracity of the eye protection standards touted by the product. This proactive approach will ensure that you have procured the safest glasses for this momentous occasion.

    Reputable Vendors for Eclipse Glasses

    The safety of your eyes hinges on the quality of the glasses you use. Here are some esteemed vendors that assure quality and adherence to safety standards:

    1. American Paper Optics
    2. Rainbow Symphony

    You can also browse our eclipse store to explore more captivating options such as the Limited Edition Bill Nye Eclipse Glasses, Sungaze Solar Eclipse Glasses, and a plethora of others.

    2024 Eclipse Path Amarillo, Texas

    Partial solar eclipse visible: 84.29% coverage of Sun

    Amarillo, TX is outside the path of totality for the 2024 total solar eclipse. The city will see a partial eclipse, but viewers must travel elsewhere, such as Dallas-Fort Worth or Addison, TX to see the total eclipse from Texas.

    texas total solar eclipse path on april 8th 2024
    Source: | Find Exactly the Total Eclipse Will Pass Over You Here

    The state stands poised for the awe-inspiring 2024 Solar Eclipse across Texas. The map reveals varying eclipse visibilities across the state:

    • Total: A limited band where the Sun will be entirely masked by the Moon. Observers here will experience a fleeting, night-like ambiance during the day.
    • <100%: Regions witnessing a substantial, yet not full, solar coverage. This zone promises a deeply stirring celestial display.
    • >50%: Areas observing over half of the Sun obscured, offering a noteworthy sight.
    • >0%: Locations with a partial eclipse, revealing a slight solar concealment by the Moon.

    Is being in 99.9% totality the same as being in 100% totality during a solar eclipse?

    No, 99.9% totality and 100% totality are not identical experiences. While 99.9% totality offers significant obscuration of the Sun, it does not deliver complete darkness or showcase phenomena such as the solar corona and the “diamond ring” effect that are observable at 100% totality. The subtle difference between the two is indeed profound.

    All observers are strongly advised to use eclipse glasses for safe viewing. Only within the path of totality is direct, unprotected viewing safe. This upcoming cosmic event presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Texas residents and visitors alike.

    Eclipse Glasses FAQ

    What are eclipse glasses?

    Eclipse glasses are specialized eyewear fashioned for safe solar viewing. They come equipped with solar filters that curtail the intensity of visible light, ensuring you can observe solar occurrences without inflicting harm to your eyes.

    Are eclipse glasses necessary?

    Absolutely. Eclipse glasses play a pivotal role in observing any stage of a solar eclipse by shielding your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

    Can you look at a solar eclipse without glasses?

    Directly observing a solar eclipse without the protective barrier of eclipse glasses or handheld viewers can jeopardize your eyes, leading to irreversible damage.

    Do you need eclipse glasses for a partial eclipse?

    Indeed. During a partial eclipse, the sun’s harmful rays persist. Eclipse glasses certify safe viewing throughout the event.

    Do you need eclipse glasses for a total eclipse?

    For the brief duration of totality, when the sun is entirely obscured, it’s momentarily safe to look without glasses. However, during all other phases of a total eclipse, protective eyewear remains essential.

    How do you know if eclipse glasses are safe?

    Legitimate eclipse glasses adhere to the ISO 12312-2 2015 international safety standard and are CE-Certified. They should bear the “Made in USA” insignia and provide details about the protective black polymer material utilized.

    How can you test eclipse glasses?

    Position the glasses at arm’s length and peer through. Only the Sun or intensely bright lights should be visible. If any other objects are discernible or if there are visible damages, their safety might be compromised.

    Can you wear eclipse glasses over prescription glasses?

    Most eclipse glasses are ergonomically designed to comfortably fit over standard prescription eyewear.

    Can you wear sunglasses as eclipse glasses?

    Sunglasses, irrespective of their make or tint, are insufficient in providing the protection required during a solar eclipse.

    How should you dispose of eclipse glasses?

    If they remain undamaged, they can be retained for future eclipses. However, if they display any signs of wear or are over three years old, it’s advisable to dispose of them.


    The 2024 Texas Solar Eclipse promises to be an enthralling experience. As the event draws near, the imperative to secure your eclipse glasses intensifies. Don’t delay until they’re scarce or exorbitantly priced. Remember, your eyes’ safety should always be paramount. Thus, make an informed choice today and guarantee an awe-inspiring and safe solar viewing experience in Amarillo, TX.

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