2024 Total Eclipse Cities & States

Discover the magic of the 2024 total solar eclipse! Find the top 50 US cities for totality, local times, and prepare for a celestial spectacle.
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    US States & Cities the 2024 Totality Path

    Hello again, celestial aficionados! I’m thrilled to see your growing interest in the total solar eclipse of 2024. As promised, this time, we’re going to delve deeper into the United States and highlight the top 50 cities where you can experience the splendor of totality.

    No matter where you’re located in the country, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to reach one of these cities or towns within a reasonable drive. Remember to pack your eclipse glasses, a picnic, and your sense of wonder – let’s get ready for an unforgettable spectacle! So, let’s find your spot under the sun, or should we say, under the moon’s shadow!

    Texas Cities

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    Eagle Pass1:27:32 PM CDT4:24
    Del Rio1:28:33 PM CDT3:24
    Brackettville1:28:47 PM CDT4:18
    Carrizo Springs1:29:04 PM CDT2:49
    Crystal City1:29:10 PM CDT3:16
    Uvalde1:29:41 PM CDT4:15
    Carta Valley1:30:02 PM CDT2:38
    Concan1:30:13 PM CDT4:25
    Leakey1:30:32 PM CDT4:25
    Utopia1:30:45 PM CDT4:23
    Rocksprings1:30:49 PM CDT3:24
    Vanderpool1:30:54 PM CDT4:26
    Hondo1:31:26 PM CDT3:22
    Bandera1:31:51 PM CDT4:04
    Ingram1:32:00 PM CDT4:26
    Kerrville1:32:07 PM CDT4:25
    Harper1:32:24 PM CDT4:21
    Junction1:32:28 PM CDT3:09
    Comfort1:32:30 PM CDT4:11
    Boerne1:32:48 PM CDT3:34
    Fredericksburg1:32:58 PM CDT4:24
    San Antonio1:33:01 PM CDT2:03
    Stonewall1:33:19 PM CDT4:14
    Mason1:33:29 PM CDT3:46
    Johnson City1:33:57 PM CDT3:59
    Llano1:34:07 PM CDT4:23
    Buchanan Dam1:34:28 PM CDT4:25
    Marble Falls1:34:33 PM CDT4:13
    Tow1:34:39 PM CDT4:24
    Dripping Springs1:34:51 PM CDT2:58
    Burnet1:34:52 PM CDT4:20
    Brady1:34:53 PM CDT1:54
    Bend1:35:02 PM CDT4:13
    San Saba1:35:04 PM CDT3:47
    Richland Springs1:35:12 PM CDT3:00
    Lampasas1:35:25 PM CDT4:24
    Lometa1:35:26 PM CDT4:12
    Cedar Park1:35:41 PM CDT3:15
    Kempner1:35:45 PM CDT4:24
    Copperas Cove1:36:00 PM CDT4:23
    Georgetown1:36:07 PM CDT3:15
    Round Rock1:36:09 PM CDT2:47
    Austin1:36:11 PM CDT1:44
    Killeen1:36:20 PM CDT4:16
    Pflugerville1:36:25 PM CDT2:15
    Harker Heights1:36:26 PM CDT4:10
    Gatesville1:36:46 PM CDT4:24
    Belton1:36:52 PM CDT3:52
    Temple1:37:13 PM CDT3:44
    Woodway1:37:52 PM CDT4:12
    Waco1:38:02 PM CDT4:11
    Aquilla1:38:18 PM CDT4:23
    Glen Rose1:38:37 PM CDT3:13
    Hillsboro1:38:43 PM CDT4:23
    Stephenville1:39:01 PM CDT0:55
    Granbury1:39:28 PM CDT2:05
    Mansfield1:39:53 PM CDT3:43
    Corsicana1:40:03 PM CDT4:09
    Ennis1:40:03 PM CDT4:22
    Arlington1:40:24 PM CDT3:20
    Fort Worth1:40:28 PM CDT2:33
    Grand Prairie1:40:29 PM CDT3:34
    Dallas1:40:43 PM CDT3:51
    Irving1:40:43 PM CDT3:29
    Fairfield1:40:51 PM CDT2:23
    Mesquite1:40:53 PM CDT4:08
    Garland1:41:11 PM CDT3:51
    Terrell1:41:16 PM CDT4:21
    Plano1:41:26 PM CDT3:29
    The Colony1:41:36 PM CDT2:42
    Athens1:41:39 PM CDT3:19
    Wills Point1:41:40 PM CDT4:20
    Canton1:41:48 PM CDT4:05
    Frisco1:41:51 PM CDT2:38
    Greenville1:42:15 PM CDT4:09
    Commerce1:42:43 PM CDT4:13
    Mineola1:42:45 PM CDT3:44
    Lindale1:42:58 PM CDT3:08
    Sulphur Springs1:42:59 PM CDT4:21
    Cooper1:43:15 PM CDT4:15
    Tyler1:43:33 PM CDT1:49
    Paris1:44:00 PM CDT4:02
    Pittsburg1:44:14 PM CDT3:31
    Mount Pleasant1:44:17 PM CDT3:53
    Gilmer1:44:25 PM CDT2:25
    Clarksville1:44:35 PM CDT4:20
    New Boston1:45:47 PM CDT3:35
    Texarkana1:46:56 PM CDT2:23

    Big thanks to Fred Espenak from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center for our cool eclipse info! 🌒 Head over to eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov for more. Oh, and for spot-on timings, Xavier Jubier’s Google eclipse maps are a game-changer!

    New York Cities

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    Chautauqua3:17:23 PM EDT3:25
    Fredonia3:17:34 PM EDT3:40
    Lakewood3:17:43 PM EDT3:00
    Jamestown3:17:55 PM EDT2:51
    Niagara Falls3:18:19 PM EDT3:31
    Buffalo3:18:21 PM EDT3:45
    Blasdell3:18:22 PM EDT3:45
    Salamanca3:19:00 PM EDT2:08
    North Java3:19:07 PM EDT3:25
    Batavia3:19:18 PM EDT3:42
    Brockport3:19:43 PM EDT3:43
    Mumford3:19:47 PM EDT3:35
    Geneseo3:19:56 PM EDT3:13
    Cuba3:20:07 PM EDT1:08
    Henrietta3:20:09 PM EDT3:33
    Rochester3:20:09 PM EDT3:39
    Fairport3:20:24 PM EDT3:30
    Canandaigua3:20:50 PM EDT2:52
    Newark3:21:01 PM EDT3:08
    Phelps3:21:11 PM EDT2:49
    Oswego3:21:44 PM EDT3:30
    Henderson Harbor3:22:10 PM EDT3:40
    Pulaski3:22:16 PM EDT3:27
    Sackets Harbor3:22:19 PM EDT3:39
    Auburn3:22:20 PM EDT1:44
    Watertown3:22:34 PM EDT3:39
    Cicero3:22:45 PM EDT2:15
    Fort Drum3:22:48 PM EDT3:38
    Alexandria Bay3:22:53 PM EDT3:15
    Carthage3:22:57 PM EDT3:38
    Syracuse3:23:04 PM EDT1:24
    Lowville3:23:08 PM EDT3:25
    Gouverneur3:23:19 PM EDT3:29
    Ogdensburg3:23:49 PM EDT2:37
    Canton3:23:52 PM EDT3:13
    Old Forge3:24:03 PM EDT2:48
    Potsdam3:24:08 PM EDT3:11
    Tupper Lake3:24:28 PM EDT3:30
    Massena3:24:40 PM EDT2:27
    Rainbow Lake3:24:50 PM EDT3:35
    Saranac Lake3:24:54 PM EDT3:29
    Malone3:24:57 PM EDT3:15
    Lake Placid3:25:08 PM EDT3:21
    Indian Lake3:25:19 PM EDT2:02
    Wilmington3:25:19 PM EDT3:26
    Plattsburgh3:25:44 PM EDT3:33
    Essex3:26:04 PM EDT2:58

    Pennsylvania Cities

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    North Springfield3:15:50 PM EDT3:43
    Edinboro3:16:22 PM EDT3:19
    Erie3:16:24 PM EDT3:40
    Meadville3:16:34 PM EDT2:35
    North East3:16:47 PM EDT3:40
    Warren3:18:56 PM EDT0:47

    A shoutout to Fred Espenak and the awesome folks at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center for the eclipse details. Find them at eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov. And hey, timings can be tricky—check out Xavier Jubier’s Google eclipse maps for the real deal.

    Ohio Cities

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    Oxford3:08:23 PM EDT2:51
    Greenville3:08:31 PM EDT3:56
    New Weston3:08:41 PM EDT3:58
    Celina3:09:01 PM EDT3:49
    Fort Loramie3:09:05 PM EDT3:58
    Hamilton3:09:09 PM EDT1:42
    Sidney3:09:23 PM EDT3:52
    Dayton3:09:29 PM EDT2:43
    Wapakoneta3:09:31 PM EDT3:56
    Van Wert3:09:35 PM EDT3:10
    Delphos3:09:44 PM EDT3:32
    Lima3:09:50 PM EDT3:51
    Beavercreek3:09:57 PM EDT2:05
    Springfield3:10:15 PM EDT2:34
    Kenton3:10:26 PM EDT3:55
    Forest3:10:40 PM EDT3:56
    Findlay3:10:45 PM EDT3:44
    Defiance3:10:59 PM EDT1:40
    Marion3:11:14 PM EDT3:34
    Bowling Green3:11:22 PM EDT2:59
    Tiffin3:11:24 PM EDT3:52
    Fremont3:11:46 PM EDT3:38
    Perrysburg3:11:56 PM EDT2:13
    Maumee3:11:57 PM EDT2:06
    Dublin3:11:59 PM EDT1:23
    Port Clinton3:12:12 PM EDT3:30
    Norwalk3:12:16 PM EDT3:54
    Toledo3:12:17 PM EDT1:53
    Milan3:12:19 PM EDT3:54
    Sandusky3:12:21 PM EDT3:45
    Mansfield3:12:23 PM EDT3:16
    Lakeside3:12:25 PM EDT3:35
    Huron3:12:29 PM EDT3:52
    Put-in-Bay3:12:34 PM EDT3:17
    Ashland3:12:43 PM EDT3:19
    Wellington3:12:50 PM EDT3:45
    Elyria3:13:05 PM EDT3:52
    Mount Vernon3:13:10 PM EDT1:16
    Wooster3:13:39 PM EDT2:25
    Parma3:13:41 PM EDT3:45
    Cleveland3:13:46 PM EDT3:49
    Akron3:14:14 PM EDT2:46
    Cuyahoga Falls3:14:15 PM EDT2:56
    Mentor3:14:21 PM EDT3:48
    Kent3:14:31 PM EDT2:47
    Painesville3:14:31 PM EDT3:49
    Burton3:14:41 PM EDT3:26
    Ashtabula3:15:15 PM EDT3:45
    Conneaut3:15:38 PM EDT3:44
    Warren3:15:44 PM EDT1:57

    Cheers to Fred Espenak from NASA for the fantastic eclipse data. Dive deeper at eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov. But remember, for the most accurate timings, Xavier Jubier’s Google eclipse maps are where it’s at!

    Illinois Cities

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    Tamms1:58:48 PM CDT3:50
    Chester1:58:55 PM CDT3:25
    Alto Pass1:58:57 PM CDT4:09
    Murphysboro1:59:09 PM CDT4:06
    Makanda1:59:10 PM CDT4:08
    Carbondale1:59:16 PM CDT4:08
    Marion1:59:44 PM CDT4:07
    Benton2:00:03 PM CDT4:06
    Harrisburg2:00:27 PM CDT3:53
    Mount Vernon2:00:35 PM CDT3:45
    Golconda2:00:39 PM CDT2:51
    McLeansboro2:00:43 PM CDT4:07
    Centralia2:00:58 PM CDT2:44
    Mill Shoals2:01:11 PM CDT4:07
    Fairfield2:01:19 PM CDT4:03
    Salem2:01:20 PM CDT2:47
    Carmi2:01:21 PM CDT4:01
    Albion2:01:45 PM CDT4:06
    Kinmundy2:01:51 PM CDT2:21
    Olney2:02:12 PM CDT3:50
    Mount Carmel2:02:16 PM CDT4:03
    Effingham2:03:26 PM CDT0:49
    Marshall2:04:04 PM CDT2:35
    Paris2:05:14 PM CDT0:41

    Kudos to Fred Espenak and the team at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center for the great eclipse insights! Find more at eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov. And if you want the nitty-gritty details, Xavier Jubier’s Google eclipse maps are your best friend.

    Indiana Cities

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    City ▴Totality StartDuration*
    Anderson3:07:08 PM EDT3:41
    Bedford3:04:48 PM EDT3:42
    Bloomington3:04:52 PM EDT4:02
    Brazil3:04:42 PM EDT3:16
    Carmel3:06:29 PM EDT3:29
    Columbus3:05:57 PM EDT3:44
    Connersville3:07:29 PM EDT3:45
    Decatur3:09:18 PM EDT2:42
    Evansville2:02:37 PM CDT3:03
    Fishers3:06:32 PM EDT3:38
    Franklin3:05:51 PM EDT4:02
    French Lick3:04:36 PM EDT3:07
    Greensburg3:06:49 PM EDT3:32
    Greenwood3:05:55 PM EDT4:00
    Indianapolis3:06:04 PM EDT3:49
    Jasper3:03:56 PM EDT3:11
    Linton3:03:47 PM EDT4:02
    Lyons3:03:51 PM EDT4:04
    Marion3:08:17 PM EDT2:11
    Martinsville3:05:16 PM EDT4:01
    Metamora3:07:32 PM EDT3:20
    Mount Vernon2:01:51 PM CDT3:30
    Muncie3:07:35 PM EDT3:47
    New Castle3:07:16 PM EDT4:00
    Newburgh2:03:06 PM CDT2:30
    Nineveh3:05:43 PM EDT4:00
    Portland3:08:24 PM EDT3:43
    Princeton2:02:35 PM CDT3:54
    Richmond3:07:59 PM EDT3:49
    Salem3:06:00 PM EDT1:59
    Santa Claus2:04:23 PM CDT1:47
    Scottsburg3:07:07 PM EDT0:54
    Seymour3:06:05 PM EDT3:07
    Shelbyville3:06:19 PM EDT3:59
    Sullivan3:03:35 PM EDT3:51
    Terre Haute3:04:23 PM EDT2:57
    Unionville3:05:05 PM EDT4:02
    Upland3:08:04 PM EDT2:58
    Vincennes3:02:52 PM EDT4:05
    Washington3:03:27 PM EDT3:58
    West Baden Springs3:04:36 PM EDT3:09
    Westfield3:06:37 PM EDT3:18
    Winchester3:08:03 PM EDT3:58

    Feeling grateful for Fred Espenak and the NASA crew at Goddard Space Flight Center for our eclipse fun facts. Dig in at eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov! And, for those precise moments, turn to Xavier Jubier’s Google eclipse maps .

    Missouri Cities

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    West Plains1:54:33 PM CDT3:04
    Doniphan1:55:28 PM CDT4:12
    Eminence1:55:30 PM CDT2:40
    Mountain View1:55:30 PM CDT2:17
    Van Buren1:55:49 PM CDT3:48
    Poplar Bluff1:56:21 PM CDT4:08
    Malden1:57:11 PM CDT3:19
    Dexter1:57:13 PM CDT3:51
    Kennett1:57:14 PM CDT2:10
    Sikeston1:58:03 PM CDT3:31
    Farmington1:58:17 PM CDT2:32
    Cape Girardeau1:58:22 PM CDT4:06
    Perryville1:58:27 PM CDT3:47
    Park Hills1:58:40 PM CDT1:38

    Huge thanks to our star (pun intended) Fred Espenak and NASA for the fab eclipse data! 🌟 Peek at eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov for more. And remember, for on-the-dot timings, Xavier Jubier’s Google eclipse maps have your back.

    Arkansas Cities

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    De Queen1:46:23 PM CDT4:17
    Ashdown1:46:34 PM CDT3:34
    Nashville1:47:22 PM CDT3:42
    Mena1:47:25 PM CDT4:07
    Murfreesboro1:47:47 PM CDT3:41
    Glenwood1:48:14 PM CDT3:59
    Hope1:48:23 PM CDT1:40
    Booneville1:48:59 PM CDT3:31
    Prescott1:49:05 PM CDT1:22
    Hot Springs1:49:29 PM CDT3:37
    Paris1:49:31 PM CDT3:29
    Jessieville1:49:32 PM CDT3:59
    Ola1:49:35 PM CDT4:17
    Hot Springs Village1:49:40 PM CDT3:52
    Arkadelphia1:49:44 PM CDT2:01
    Dardanelle1:49:59 PM CDT4:13
    Russellville1:50:06 PM CDT4:12
    Ozark1:50:08 PM CDT2:29
    Clarksville1:50:10 PM CDT3:30
    Pottsville1:50:11 PM CDT4:15
    Malvern1:50:16 PM CDT2:25
    Perryville1:50:18 PM CDT4:07
    Morrilton1:50:33 PM CDT4:13
    Benton1:50:49 PM CDT2:38
    Springfield1:51:01 PM CDT4:11
    Center Ridge1:51:07 PM CDT4:15
    Conway1:51:08 PM CDT3:53
    Maumelle1:51:12 PM CDT3:17
    Clinton1:51:34 PM CDT4:15
    Little Rock1:51:41 PM CDT2:20
    North Little Rock1:51:41 PM CDT2:25
    Fairfield Bay1:51:54 PM CDT4:15
    Marshall1:51:55 PM CDT3:50
    Jasper1:52:01 PM CDT2:07
    Jacksonville1:52:02 PM CDT2:28
    Heber Springs1:52:14 PM CDT4:02
    Mountain View1:52:29 PM CDT4:14
    Flippin1:52:56 PM CDT2:53
    Searcy1:52:56 PM CDT2:56
    Mountain Home1:53:11 PM CDT3:10
    Batesville1:53:13 PM CDT4:02
    Bull Shoals1:53:19 PM CDT2:23
    Cave City1:53:31 PM CDT4:08
    Horseshoe Bend1:53:31 PM CDT4:10
    Hardy1:54:03 PM CDT4:12
    Newport1:54:05 PM CDT3:03
    Walnut Ridge1:54:49 PM CDT3:45
    Pocahontas1:54:53 PM CDT4:03
    Jonesboro1:55:37 PM CDT2:21
    Corning1:55:45 PM CDT3:54
    Paragould1:56:03 PM CDT2:43

    Let’s give a round of applause to Fred Espenak and the NASA’s Goddard squad for our eclipse tidbits. Dive in at eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov. And, if you’re a detail person, Xavier Jubier’s Google eclipse maps are a must-see.

    Oklahoma Cities

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    Hugo1:44:55 PM CDT3:20
    Fort Towson1:45:06 PM CDT3:47
    Valliant1:45:14 PM CDT4:03
    Idabel1:45:23 PM CDT4:19
    Sobol1:45:30 PM CDT3:30
    Tom1:45:36 PM CDT4:13
    Broken Bow1:45:44 PM CDT4:17
    Antlers1:45:46 PM CDT1:56
    Talihina1:47:49 PM CDT1:09
    Poteau1:48:49 PM CDT1:22

    So grateful for the eclipse wisdom from Fred Espenak and our space pals at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center! 🚀 Find more cosmic info at eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov. And, trust me, you’ll want Xavier Jubier’s Google eclipse maps for the exact moments.

    Kentucky Cities

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    Paducah2:00:50 PM CDT1:31
    Henderson2:02:43 PM CDT2:30

    All the eclipse fun facts are coming in hot, thanks to Fred Espenak and the legends at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. For a deeper look, check out eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov. And for the precise deets, Xavier Jubier’s Google eclipse maps are the key

    Maine Cities

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    Jackman3:29:30 PM EDT3:26
    Rangeley3:29:32 PM EDT2:24
    West Forks3:29:55 PM EDT3:06
    Carrabassett Valley3:29:58 PM EDT2:24
    The Forks3:30:01 PM EDT2:59
    Mount Chase3:31:22 PM EDT3:23
    Millinocket3:31:23 PM EDT2:56
    Dover-Foxcroft3:31:37 PM EDT1:21
    Island Falls3:31:40 PM EDT3:19
    Medway3:31:42 PM EDT2:41
    Linneus3:32:00 PM EDT3:15
    Houlton3:32:06 PM EDT3:18
    Portage Lake3:32:07 PM EDT1:53
    Presque Isle3:32:09 PM EDT2:49
    Fort Fairfield3:32:24 PM EDT2:40
    Lincoln3:32:26 PM EDT1:17
    Caribou3:32:29 PM EDT2:10
    Danforth3:32:37 PM EDT2:13
    Lee3:33:09 PM EDT0:16

    Big cheers to Fred Espenak and the stellar team at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center for our eclipse goodies. Explore at eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov. And for the play-by-play, Xavier Jubier’s Google eclipse maps are golden.

    New Hampshire Cities

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    Pittsburg3:28:18 PM EDT3:15
    Lancaster3:29:17 PM EDT0:43

    A hearty thank-you to Fred Espenak and the champs at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center for our eclipse info party! 🎉 Dive in at eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov. Need the exact times? Xavier Jubier’s Google eclipse maps won’t let you down.

    Vermont Cities

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    Burlington3:26:08 PM EDT3:15
    St. Albans Town3:26:08 PM EDT3:33
    Jay3:26:57 PM EDT3:30
    Stowe3:26:57 PM EDT2:48
    Waterbury3:27:03 PM EDT2:24
    Middlebury3:27:14 PM EDT0:55
    Greensboro3:27:23 PM EDT2:53
    Montpelier3:27:39 PM EDT1:35

    Celebrating Fred Espenak and our friends at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center for the eclipse gems! Discover more at eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov. And folks, for the real-time drama, Xavier Jubier’s Google eclipse maps are your ticket.

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