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2024 Eclipse Begins:

New York Solar Eclipse 2024: Everything You Need to Know

On April 8th, a New York solar eclipse will traverse the northern part of the state, treating residents to an extraordinary celestial spectacle. From Buffalo to Lake Champlain, find the best spots to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event over the Empire State.
what time new york total solar eclipse may look like over buffalo
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    NY Solar Eclipse: Are You Ready?

    As buzz builds across the Empire State, astronomers and celestial enthusiasts alike eagerly anticipate the momentous New York solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024. This astronomical phenomenon promises to be an extraordinary event as the moon’s shadow traverses a path across parts of northern and western New York.

    The eclipse’s trajectory will commence over northern Mexico in the morning hours, before reaching Texas around midday. The moon’s shadow will then rapidly sweep northeasterly, destined for an encounter with New York State in the early afternoon. At approximately 2:03 pm Eastern Daylight Time, the eclipse will reach its maximum point directly over Buffalo, treating eager spectators to an awe-inspiring view. With the moon perfectly aligned to block the sun, complete totality is expected to last nearly 4 minutes in the region.

    New Yorkers are uniquely positioned for this spectacular natural event, as the eclipse’s centerline will track directly over cities like Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany. The path of totality also grazes iconic landmarks including Niagara Falls and the Adirondack Mountains, hinting at breathtaking photo opportunities. With proper eye protection, residents all across the Empire State will experience either a partial or total obscuration of the sun.

    Path of the New York Total Solar Eclipse

    The path of totality for the 2024 New York total solar eclipse is truly a journey across the state. Starting in western New York, the moon’s shadow will first touch down over Lake Erie at approximately 1:58 pm EDT on April 8th, 2024 . From there, it races northeast across Buffalo, providing lucky viewers under the path of totality with an extraordinary 3 minutes and 45 seconds of a completely eclipsed sun.

    new york total solar eclipse path on april 8th 2024

    Continuing on its northeasterly trek, the moon’s shadow crosses through Rochester, presenting residents and visitors with around 3 minutes and 40 seconds of totality. Shortly after, Syracuse gets a shorter but still incredible glimpse, with the eclipse reaching totality at roughly 2:29 pm EDT in the heart of downtown.

    The significance of this eclipse for New York cannot be overstated. The trajectory brings the moon’s shadow directly over the Empire State, providing New Yorkers with an unparalleled opportunity to experience this celestial phenomenon right in their own backyards. With peak viewing times in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and more, citizens from all over the state can witness totality without even needing to venture far from home.

    For this eclipse, New York shares the limelight with neighboring Ontario, Canada along the northern sections of the path of totality. But make no mistake, this solar eclipse undoubtedly belongs to New York just as much as our neighbors to the north. All of western and northern New York are privy to this astronomical spectacle. Don’t miss your chance to see the sun disappear in broad daylight!

    City and Landmark Spotlights

    Niagara Falls and Buffalo

    The eclipse’s centerline will commence its journey over Lake Erie, progressing towards Buffalo. This city will have a pivotal moment with a substantial 3 minutes and 45 seconds of totality. Niagara Falls will be a notable viewing spot as well, offering viewers 3 minutes and 31 seconds of the eclipse’s totality. For those traveling to witness the eclipse from Lake Erie to Buffalo, utilizing Interstate 90 will be the most convenient option.


    Due to its proximity to the eclipse’s path, Rochester can expect around 3 minutes and 39 seconds of totality in the downtown region.


    Syracuse will experience a shorter duration of totality compared to other cities, but utilizing Interstate 81 could enhance viewing opportunities for those wishing to chase the eclipse.

    Additional Viewing Spots

    The total solar eclipse on April 8th will traverse New York State from west to east, providing many ideal locations from which to witness this rare astronomical event. Beyond the cities directly along the path of totality, there are additional notable viewing spots in New York that should not be overlooked.

    Lake Ontario

    As the eclipse’s path of totality curves eastward, it will cross directly over Lake Ontario. The open expanse of the lake could potentially offer some atmospheric advantages, with fewer obstructions leading to clearer skies and unhindered viewing. The eclipse’s shadow will reach Lake Ontario around 3:50 pm EDT and depart around 4:15 pm EDT. For those hoping to capitalize on the scenic potentials of Lake Ontario, consider locales like Rochester, Oswego, or Sackets Harbor which sit along the lake’s southern shoreline.

    The Adirondacks

    New York’s renowned Adirondack mountain region lies just outside the path of totality. However, the area’s high elevations provide prime eclipse viewing possibilities. The lush forests, vivid fall foliage, and breathtaking mountain vistas could combine with the eclipse to create an unforgettable visual spectacle. While April weather in the Adirondacks can be unpredictable, those willing to brave the potential cold temperatures and frozen lakes may be rewarded with an exceptional eclipse experience from peaks like Whiteface Mountain.

    Lake Champlain

    Lastly, Lake Champlain which forms part of the border between New York and Vermont will be one of the final New York spots blessed by the moon’s shadow. The open skies above the 125-mile-long lake make it a choice location for photographers and spectators hoping to capture the eclipse’s final moments in New York. For optimal access, routes like Interstate 87 will allow quick travel to prime Champlain viewing spots like Plattsburgh, where the eclipse is expected to conclude its New York journey at around 4:37 pm EDT.

    Full List of New York Cities Under the Total Solar Eclipse

    *Duration denotes the total time of the eclipse, measured in minutes and seconds.

    CityTotality StartDuration*
    Chautauqua3:17:23 PM EDT3:25
    Fredonia3:17:34 PM EDT3:40
    Lakewood3:17:43 PM EDT3:00
    Jamestown3:17:55 PM EDT2:51
    Niagara Falls3:18:19 PM EDT3:31
    Buffalo3:18:21 PM EDT3:45
    Blasdell3:18:22 PM EDT3:45
    Salamanca3:19:00 PM EDT2:08
    North Java3:19:07 PM EDT3:25
    Batavia3:19:18 PM EDT3:42
    Brockport3:19:43 PM EDT3:43
    Mumford3:19:47 PM EDT3:35
    Geneseo3:19:56 PM EDT3:13
    Cuba3:20:07 PM EDT1:08
    Henrietta3:20:09 PM EDT3:33
    Rochester3:20:09 PM EDT3:39
    Fairport3:20:24 PM EDT3:30
    Canandaigua3:20:50 PM EDT2:52
    Newark3:21:01 PM EDT3:08
    Phelps3:21:11 PM EDT2:49
    Oswego3:21:44 PM EDT3:30
    Henderson Harbor3:22:10 PM EDT3:40
    Pulaski3:22:16 PM EDT3:27
    Sackets Harbor3:22:19 PM EDT3:39
    Auburn3:22:20 PM EDT1:44
    Watertown3:22:34 PM EDT3:39
    Cicero3:22:45 PM EDT2:15
    Fort Drum3:22:48 PM EDT3:38
    Alexandria Bay3:22:53 PM EDT3:15
    Carthage3:22:57 PM EDT3:38
    Syracuse3:23:04 PM EDT1:24
    Lowville3:23:08 PM EDT3:25
    Gouverneur3:23:19 PM EDT3:29
    Ogdensburg3:23:49 PM EDT2:37
    Canton3:23:52 PM EDT3:13
    Old Forge3:24:03 PM EDT2:48
    Potsdam3:24:08 PM EDT3:11
    Tupper Lake3:24:28 PM EDT3:30
    Massena3:24:40 PM EDT2:27
    Rainbow Lake3:24:50 PM EDT3:35
    Saranac Lake3:24:54 PM EDT3:29
    Malone3:24:57 PM EDT3:15
    Lake Placid3:25:08 PM EDT3:21
    Indian Lake3:25:19 PM EDT2:02
    Wilmington3:25:19 PM EDT3:26
    Plattsburgh3:25:44 PM EDT3:33
    Essex3:26:04 PM EDT2:58

    Preparation and Anticipation

    The New York total solar eclipse will captivate viewers across the state on April 8th, 2024 as the moon’s shadow races across the landscape at over 2,000 miles per hour. Now is the time for New Yorkers to start readying themselves to witness this remarkable phenomenon.

    Research in Advance

    Begin by researching ideal viewing locations along or near the path of totality. While the eclipse’s centerline will traverse western and northern New York, even areas further south and east will experience a partial eclipse, making the entire state a prime viewing region. Identify parks, landmarks, or wide open spaces that offer clear sightlines to the sky.

    Buy Eclipse Glasses

    Obtain certified eclipse glasses or filters well in advance of the big day. Reputable brands of solar filters that meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard for eclipse viewing are crucial for protecting your eyesight. Check with local astronomy clubs, science centers, libraries, camera stores, and opticians to secure eclipse glasses before supplies run out.

    Info for Photographers

    Photographers should test and prep camera equipment ahead of time. The brief period of totality will require careful coordination to capture the full spectacle. Consider investing in a solar filter, such as our Solar Snap app and filters, for your lens to allow you to shoot the partial phases safely. Practice photographing sunrises, sunsets, and other sky scenes to hone your skills.

    Share Your Experience

    Share your plans with friends and family and encourage them to experience the eclipse with you. Make it a special social occasion by organizing eclipse viewing parties. This kind of communal experience will enhance the excitement as daylight fades into an eerie twilight. Ready yourself for an unforgettable and awe-inspiring celestial show!

    Where to Buy Eclipse Glasses in New York

    As the 2024 solar eclipse nears, New York is gearing up to partake in this celestial event. Ensuring proper eye protection during this moment is essential. Acquire your specially designed solar eclipse glasses from New York’s trusted sources promptly, particularly in light of the expected high demand for the event.

    1. Our Online Eclipse Store: Our unwavering commitment to safety and quality is evident in our top-tier solar eclipse glasses, which are in line with the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. Reflecting on the last solar eclipse, our stock was rapidly acquired by eager viewers.
    2. Retail Stores: Various optical stores and astronomy-focused outlets in New York are potential sources of solar eclipse glasses. Nevertheless, as the event approaches, availability might become scarce.
    3. Local Libraries and Educational Institutions: Some of these institutions might distribute solar eclipse glasses in tandem with their informative programs. Solely depending on these entities might be inadvisable due to probable stock limitations.
    4. Online Retailers: Outside of our eclipse store, there are numerous other online vendors potentially offering solar eclipse glasses. It’s crucial to select vendors who rigorously adhere to safety norms and maintain a good reputation.
    5. Museums, Planetariums, and Astronomy Clubs: Organizations of this nature in New York might have solar eclipse glasses on hand. However, due to the anticipated surge in interest, availability might be constrained, emphasizing the importance of early acquisition.

    Being well-prepared for the 2024 solar eclipse is of utmost importance. While there are a variety of channels to buy solar eclipse glasses in New York, the importance of swiftly securing a certified pair cannot be understated. Reflecting on previous purchasing patterns, it is projected that our online store inventory will deplete swiftly. Take action now to ensure a protected and awe-inspiring viewing experience.

    Safety and Eclipse Glasses

    The crucial importance of using specialized eclipse glasses for safe viewing of the solar eclipse cannot be overstated. Gazing at the sun without proper eye protection can cause permanent blindness or severe eye damage.

    when to use and take off solar eclipse glasses during a total eclipse

    When choosing eclipse glasses, it’s vital to verify they meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard, which specifies requirements for filters and viewers. Authorized glasses will indicate they adhere to this standard. Some reputable retailers and brands of ISO-certified eclipse glasses in New York include:

    • The easiest way is to buy online. At Sungaze Glasses we offer many different styles of solar eclipse glasses for New Yorkers to purchase. Shop our Eclipse Glasses Store here.
    • Local libraries and astronomy clubs often distribute or sell certified eclipse glasses. Contact your nearby institutions to check for availability.
    • American Paper Optics and Rainbow Symphony are trusted manufacturers of ISO eclipse glasses. Their products can be found through various online retailers.
    • Renowned institutes like Hayden Planetarium in New York City may distribute or sell authorized eclipse glasses closer to the event.

    Don’t Be Left Unprepared

    When acquiring eclipse glasses, be wary of obvious counterfeits and confirm ISO certification. Don’t rely on regular sunglasses for solar eclipse viewing – only proper eye protection specifically designed for witnessing an eclipse will guarantee safe observation. Prepare early and experience this extraordinary celestial spectacle the right way!

    eclipse glasses safety check

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