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2024 Eclipse Begins:

2024 Akron Solar Eclipse: What You Need to Know

Discover the magic of the 2024 Akron Solar Eclipse: Learn timings, viewing tips, safety measures, and fascinating eclipse facts for a memorable experience!
akron total solar eclipse
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    Akron Solar Eclipse 2024 Overview

    On April 8, 2024, Akron, Ohio, will witness an extraordinary event — a Total Solar Eclipse. This rare and mesmerizing astronomical phenomenon occurs when the Moon aligns perfectly between Earth and the Sun, casting a fleeting shadow across the planet. Residents of Akron will have the unique opportunity to observe this awe-inspiring event, where day briefly turns into night, and the natural world reacts to this sudden change in a remarkable display.

    What is a Total Solar Eclipse?

    A total solar eclipse is a rare astronomical event where the Moon aligns perfectly between the Earth and the Sun. This alignment can only occur during a new moon phase when the Moon’s unlit side faces Earth. As the Moon covers the Sun, it briefly plunges a specific area of Earth into darkness. The total eclipse is observed in a narrow path across the Earth’s surface, known as the path of totality.

    During this time, the sky darkens as if night has fallen, temperatures drop, and stars can become visible. The remarkable alignment required for a total solar eclipse means that it is a relatively infrequent occurrence at any given location on Earth.

    How is a Total Eclipse Different from a Partial Eclipse?

    A total solar eclipse and a partial solar eclipse differ primarily in terms of the extent to which the Moon covers the Sun. In a total eclipse, the Moon entirely obscures the Sun, allowing observers within the path of totality to experience complete darkness and witness the Sun’s corona, a glowing halo of light that is the Sun’s outer atmosphere. This phenomenon turns day into night for a brief period. A partial eclipse, on the other hand, occurs when only a portion of the Sun is blocked by the Moon.

    Partial Eclipse vs Total Solar Eclipse

    During a partial eclipse, the Sun appears as if a bite has been taken out of it, and the event does not have the same dramatic effect on the environment as a total eclipse. While still an intriguing sight, a partial eclipse lacks the transformative experience of total darkness and the visibility of the Sun’s corona.

    Is it Worth Seeing a Total Eclipse? Or is Partial Good Enough?

    Observing a total solar eclipse is an unparalleled experience, distinctly different from a partial eclipse. A total eclipse offers a sensory spectacle: the enveloping darkness, the noticeable drop in temperature, and the ethereal twilight ambiance. This dramatic shift in the natural environment, visible only along the path of totality, provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness one of nature’s most remarkable events.

    Will Akron See a Total Eclipse or Partial?

    Akron is uniquely positioned to witness the 2024 total solar eclipse in its full glory. As it lies directly in the path of totality, residents and visitors will have the rare opportunity to experience the complete obscuration of the Sun. This celestial event will bring a brief period of darkness during the day, showcasing the awe-inspiring phenomena associated with total eclipses.

    Akron Eclipse 2024 Pathway Map

    The path of the 2024 eclipse will pass directly over Akron, making it an ideal location for viewing this rare event.

    Ohio 2024 total solar eclipse path map

    Akron 2024 Eclipse Timeline

    • Partial Eclipse Begins: 1:59 PM, April 8, 2024
    • Totality Begins: 3:14 PM, April 8, 2024
    • Maximum Eclipse: 3:15 PM, April 8, 2024
    • Totality Ends: 3:17 PM, April 8, 2024
    • Partial Eclipse Ends: 4:29 PM, April 8, 2024


    When Should I Wear My Eclipse Glasses?

    Eclipse glasses should be worn during the partial phases of the eclipse. During totality, when the Moon completely covers the Sun, it is safe to briefly remove them to view the eclipse.

    when to use and take off solar eclipse glasses during a total eclipse

    Eclipse Safety

    Eclipse Safety is paramount during a solar eclipse. To safely view the event and prevent irreversible eye damage, it’s essential to use specially designed, certified solar eclipse glasses. These glasses are made to filter out harmful solar rays effectively.

    Unlike regular sunglasses, which cannot block intense solar radiation, eclipse glasses ensure you can enjoy the spectacle without risking your vision. Always verify the certification and quality of eclipse glasses before use.

    Cool Facts about Total Solar Eclipses

    Daylight Transforms into Twilight: During a total solar eclipse, as the Moon covers the Sun, the brightness of day transforms into a dim twilight. This sudden change in natural lighting creates a surreal and otherworldly experience.

    Temperature Drop: As the Sun’s rays are blocked, there’s a noticeable drop in temperature. This drop can be quite significant, depending on the location and weather conditions, creating a brief, chilling atmosphere.

    Animal Behavior Changes: Animals often react to the sudden darkness of totality as if night has arrived. Birds may stop singing, nocturnal animals can become active, and there can be a noticeable shift in the natural soundscape.

    Shadow Bands: Just before totality, you might witness “shadow bands” — wavy lines of alternating light and dark shadows that move rapidly across the ground. These are caused by the atmospheric turbulence and the Sun’s light being focused and defocused.

    Baily’s Beads and Diamond Ring: As the Moon moves to completely cover the Sun, the rugged lunar landscape allows beads of sunlight to shine through in some places but not others. The last of these beads creates the famed “Diamond Ring” effect, a brilliant spot of light cradled by the bright ring of the Sun’s corona.

    360-Degree Sunset: During totality, observers may see a twilight-like glow at the horizon in all directions. This is sometimes referred to as a 360-degree sunset, due to the light from the distant parts of the Earth’s atmosphere that is not in the shadow of the eclipse.

    Visibility of Stars and Planets: During totality, the sky darkens enough for stars and planets to become visible. This can include a view of planets like Venus, which is often called the “evening star” or “morning star,” depending on its position in the sky.

    Corona Visibility: The Sun’s corona, which is usually hidden by the bright light of the Sun, becomes visible during a total solar eclipse. This glowing halo is the Sun’s outer atmosphere and has a spectacular, ethereal appearance.

    Rare Occurrence: Total solar eclipses in any given location are rare, often occurring once every few centuries. This rarity adds to the excitement and uniqueness of the event.

    Akron 2024 Solar Eclipse FAQs

    What time will the 2024 solar eclipse start and end in Akron?

    The partial phase of the eclipse in Akron will begin at 1:59 PM EDT on April 8, 2024. Totality will start around 3:19 PM EDT, lasting for 2 minutes and 46 seconds. The eclipse will conclude with the end of the partial phase at approximately 4:30 PM EDT.

    Where are the best viewing locations for the eclipse in Akron?

    Prime viewing locations in Akron include open areas with clear horizons, such as parks and elevated spots. Avoiding tall buildings or large trees that could obstruct your view of the sky is advisable for an unimpeded experience.

    Do I need special glasses to view the eclipse?

    Yes, it is essential to wear solar eclipse glasses during the partial phases of the eclipse to protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation. During the brief totality, it is safe to remove the glasses to view the eclipse directly.

    Will the eclipse be visible if it’s cloudy?

    Cloud cover can impact the visibility of the eclipse. While the dimming of the environment will still be noticeable, the spectacular views of the Sun’s corona during totality may be obscured by heavy cloud cover.

    Can I photograph the solar eclipse?

    Yes, you can photograph the eclipse, but it requires special solar filters for your camera to prevent damage. Never look through a camera, telescope, or binoculars without proper solar filters, as this can cause severe eye damage.

    Are there any public events planned in Akron for the eclipse?

    Closer to the event, local organizations, astronomy clubs, and educational institutions may organize viewing parties and educational events. Keep an eye on local news and community boards for announcements.

    How can I prepare for the eclipse?

    Preparing for the eclipse involves securing certified solar eclipse glasses, familiarizing yourself with the timing of the eclipse phases, and planning your viewing location. Also, consider bringing comfortable seating, weather-appropriate clothing, and refreshments for the event.

    What makes this eclipse special?

    Total solar eclipses are rare events at any given location. The 2024 eclipse is particularly notable for its relatively long duration of totality, offering a unique and extended experience of this natural phenomenon.

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